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Cloud Contact Platforms, the Beginning of the Journey That Gets You One Step Closer

Five years ago, we were easily amazed by automated IVRs that resolved relatively simple issues. We would be dazzled by new technology that allows us to combine more than one customer contact channel. As those things happened, we saw the industry evolve almost in complete synergy across all continents. Although there may be a series of correlated factors, it stands without a doubt that things have changed, and this is just the beginning.

Traditional Approach

Traditional contact platforms used in today’s BPO environment have the same principles as they did over 30 years ago with end-to-end communication. Back then, customers were expected to “accept” the available service, while nowadays, customers get to “choose” the most convenient channels. This simple change in paradigm has revolutionized and modified the entire contact center & BPO industry, as well as any other consumer business. This new paradigm has made some businesses flourish and will continue to do so for years to come.

Cloud Technology

Let us dive into cloud contact center platforms, referring to them as CCPs from here on out. The more noise we hear about CCPs, the sexier they sound, and it’s not a coincidence that most prominent players go this route. CCPs allow you extreme flexibility in many ways, from licensing cost, system uptime, and redundancy to integrations for an enormous amount of software applications. It means that not only will you spend less to have the ability to scale (licensing), but if a server/service is down, it will come back up much sooner. The reliability will typically exceed on-premises solutions. It also integrates any contact channel to the CCP (chat, email, CRM, internal system, etc.), enabling the consumer to “choose” from a variety of channels rather than just “accepting” what is available. This seamless experience becomes more monumental now than ever to maximize customer lifetime value.

Let’s see this in action: two cases, same issue, same solution, two different customer experiences:

This scenario is probably one the easiest to implement. Once you open the door to CCPs, you can dramatically reduce your cost while increasing efficiency and ensuring a seamless customer experience. You can also deploy AI solutions, from speech analytics to understand tone and frustration, all the way to text and predictive analytics that yield more insights for real-time decision making. The title of this article refers to CCPs being just the beginning of the journey ahead. Simultaneously, the power of cloud computing has made this possible. We firmly believe CCPs will help revolutionize the way companies do business.

Client Cloud-Model Benefits:

Minimized on-site technological infrastructure, reducing related operations and accounting costs

Zero hardware installation and maintenance required, generating significant short- & long-term savings for the client

The model allows for paid fees in minutes instead for a fixed costs for the use of equipment or licenses.


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