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How to Excel at Mobile Chat Before the Holiday Season

The holidays will soon be here, and companies all around the world will need to do more than just prepare with decorations and increase their inventories. Plan to take things a step further by coaching your employees on how to chat with customers, either in-person or over the phone.

If you don’t show your staff how to handle mobile chat the right way, the customer experience you offer is going to suffer — something you cannot afford during such a competitive season.

This year, mobile sales are expected to increase by 45.2 percent. Make sure your company is prepared to make the most of this opportunity by training your staff to provide excellent customer service through mobile chat interfaces. By providing fast, reliable solutions to consumers, your organization is sure to have a happy holiday season.

How to Provide Quality Customer Interactions Via Mobile Devices

The main reason you need to make mobile chat training a priority is because more and more people prefer using their mobile devices. This preference for mobile devices also explains why most customers don’t want to call you if they need help. They’d much rather bring up your website and chat with a representative through the appropriate portal.

In fact, 72 percent of consumers have more favorable opinions of companies with mobile customer-service apps. However, if your employees aren’t ready to provide a quality customer-service experience through this type of interface, having a mobile-chat feature will do more harm than good, especially when the holidays come around.

Prepare your staff with these three best-in-class practices:

  1. Make Sure Your Employees Know Their Way Around Your Site

Your company needs a mobile-friendly website. This includes a chat feature that customers will find easy to use. Most probably use social-media chat and texting apps every single day, so they’ve become accustomed to having conversations this way. Your employees need to be just as familiar with both your site and your mobile-chat feature. They should be able to guide customers through using both — even though they’re looking at different screens. If they’re unable to do this, the rest of the conversation will suffer.

  1. Use Prepared Messages, But Use Them Sparingly

One nice thing about speaking with customers through a chat interface is that your employees can answer many questions by working off a script without having to worry that their responses sound canned.

Providing your employees with prepared messages for certain questions is also great when using BPO (Business Process Outsource) options during the holiday season. It saves time and money you’d otherwise need to spend on getting people trained.

Obviously, these messages need to be used with some restraint. They should only be sent when they are a perfect fit for the matter at hand. If an employee doesn’t know the correct response, they should be trained to escalate the conversation to a supervisor. Over time, continue identifying common customer-support scenarios and creating scripts to help your staff nail their responses every time.

  1. Begin Training Early

Even though there is a lot of time before the holiday season, it makes sense to begin training staff on how to best use mobile chat right away. Last year, customers spent more than $52 billion between November 1 and December 16. A little more than $1.5 billion was spent on Black Friday alone. Between now and these important dates, you could put in a lot of training and work out any kinks in your procedures before potential problems cost you a piece of the holiday pie.