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4 Ways to Elevate Support for Internet of Things Users

The Internet of Things (IoT) harnesses the power of connectivity through the devices we use every day. Products range from smart speakers to smart thermostats, lightbulbs and refrigerators.

In SYKES’ new survey, we highlight why customers love their connected devices — and what makes them tick when they need device support.

Of course, these are complicated devices, and even the most tech-savvy consumers aren’t always able to fix issues on their own. So they seek out self-service content, video tutorials, social media and the stalwart of customer support — calling in for help.

SYKES wanted to gauge what consumers expect from their connected device customer experience (CX), so we conducted a survey with 1,500 IoT users to get their thoughts on how to improve their connected experience. Here are four ways to improve IoT customer support. And if you’re interested, check out the full IoT report.

Improvement #1: Make It More Convenient

A whopping 73% of the connected device owners we surveyed purchased them for their convenience. So why wouldn’t they expect the same when they need support?

One way to make the customer support experience more convenient is to optimize your content and offer intelligent call-routing to ensure they get the support they need, without unnecessary friction.

Improvement #2: Create More Self-Service Content

People love to google.

In fact, when seeking answers to troubleshooting issues, more IoT users (42%) turn to search engines first than to any other support option. Still, it’s not always easy. Nearly half had trouble finding troubleshooting information online, and 68% gave up their search within an hour to contact customer service.

Help your customers out by creating more easy-to-access and understandable self-service content with the right support information (if it’s still needed).

Improvement #3: Understand Their Pain Points

The last thing consumers want after a lengthy failed attempt to fix their smart device is a negative customer support experience. Their biggest frustrations? Spending too much time on hold (38%) and spending too much time talking to an automated phone system (30%).

There are many ways to mitigate this. Start by implementing chatbots, enhanced call hours, faster response times and more support via social media.

Improvement #4: Learn From the Interaction

The vast majority of customers who responded (74%) are more likely to buy again from a brand after a positive support experience, and 84% would recommend the brand to others. But how do you cultivate this brand love?

Customers are more likely to be able to solve future IoT issues after a support call, so customer support should learn from it, too. By analyzing touchpoints to better understand their journey, you can develop new methods to reduce call volume and help consumers get the most out of the products they love.

Check out additional insights from our recent IoT survey and learn how SYKES fuels your growth and elevates your IoT customer support.