Stay Safe and Productive while Working from Home

The threat of the COVID19 pandemic has forced many businesses to explore remote work for some of its employees. With the community quarantine in place,  the BPO industry, including us at SYKES, was quick to deploy employees to a work from home arrangement to continue providing support to clients.

The concept of work from home is not entirely new in the Philippines, much less in the BPO industry, but many of our employees are experiencing it for the first time. While it has its benefits, having to work inside your comfort zone has its challenges. Distractions are everywhere, and sometimes, you might feel like you’re not as productive compared to when you’re inside the office. Cut yourself some slack though, as everyone experiences such challenges. We’re currently living through a global pandemic, after all.

A change in the environment, particularly during a pandemic lockdown, always comes with a caveat, but don’t worry because we got you covered. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy, productive, and sane as you adjust to your new normal.


Find a dedicated workspace

Draw a line between work and personal space by having a dedicated work area. Choose a spot where you can get a good internet connection, nice lighting for your video calls, and enough peace to get the job done. Aside from having a physical boundary, knowing that you are in your workspace helps you shift gears to “work mode,” signaling your brain that this is a time to focus and be productive.

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Minimize distractions

Distractions can’t be helped when you work from home, especially with the boredom that comes with being on lockdown due to the pandemic. You have your pets continuously asking for attention, you can easily get snacks from your cupboard, and your kids are just a few meters away from where you’re working. However, for you to be productive, you would need to try your best to put away everything that may disturb you. Put your phone on silent mode, close all non-work related tabs, and if possible, move to a space where you can be by yourself for the duration of your shift.


Create a to-do list

Working from home means you are by yourself most of the time. Keep yourself accountable by creating a checklist of your tasks for the day. You can also create a timeline of your activities to prevent missing out on any responsibilities for the day. Make sure to place it near your workstation as a constant reminder of the things that you have to accomplish.

Schedule breaks

It’s easy to lose track of time when you work from home. Sometimes, if you’re slumped with tasks, you might forget to take your lunch on time or even go for a bio break. Before starting your shift, check your schedule and allocate some time for your break. Use them to recharge and refocus before going back to work.


If you are facing any challenges, make sure to communicate them to your colleagues and your immediate head. Working from home means being on your own most of the time. But remember, just because you’re physically by yourself doesn’t mean you don’t have your team to support you.

As the BPO industry navigates through the pandemic and takes on the new normal, remember that to successfully work from home and keep stress at a minimum, you need to work your way through these issues. Got tips for your work from home teammates? Share it with us by tagging @SYKESPHOfficial on Facebook and Instagram. We’re in this together, SYKESers!



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