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SYKES Celebrates International Women’s Day with #WomenPowerSYKES Campaign

As the fight for a more gender-balanced world takes center stage in this year’s International Women’s Day celebration, SYKES supports the #BalanceforBetter initiative by featuring outstanding women SYKESers in traditionally male-dominated careers or hobbies.

“SYKES prides itself in having a gender-balanced workforce. In fact, 52% of our employees and 49% of our leaders are female. With this year’s #WomenPowerSYKES campaign, we hope to inspire the female employees to break gender stereotypes and excel even in male-dominated fields. Because at the end of the day, success knows no gender,” explains Cecile Moreno-Venancio, Director for Branding and Communications.

Here are some of the women who prove that a balanced world is a better world:

“Having a career that is predominantly led by males is challenging, but rewarding. It may feel like there will always be something to prove to a male counterpart. However, whether we are in our own gender-dominated field or not, it should always be a constant pursuit to learn and to be of value and substance.” – Eden, Information Systems

“I felt overwhelmed the first day I walked into the gym thinking that irons and weights are only for boys. Later on, I was invited to join a team and train on how to become a powerlifter. I didn’t have any idea about powerlifting, but I slowly understood it and the fitness world. It drove me to make a positive change, especially for women. I fell in love with what I was doing and it became my passion and lifestyle. We should never let societal norms stop us from pursuing our interests. Instead, we should feel empowered to pursue them.” – Felyn, Powerlifter

“What I enjoy most about this career is that there is never a dull moment in Security, although it can be challenging because of our diverse role in the organization and the ever-changing needs of our customers. Every day is a learning experience for me. You should do what you love and be passionate about it. Do what excites you and always be up for a challenge.” – Rachelle, Security

“For all the ladies who’d want to take a stab at being an in-house counsel, here’s my advice – focus and listen. Know when you need to confer with colleagues, when to ask for help or confirmation, and when to make your move and make a decision. Always be open to changes and learning experiences. The key is to choose to work with an ethical company that always does the right thing – that’s why I love working at SYKES.” – Kitchie, Legal

“I wanted to work in design since it makes me happy. I was fortunate enough to never be underestimated by my male peers or my superiors in terms of my skills and expertise. When working in any male-dominated field, it is very likely that you will come across challenges like gender discrimination. Don’t let this discourage or impede your dedication to your craft. Face these all in stride, remain professional in your work and always defend or empower fellow women in the same situation.” – Alex, Graphic Design

Watch the special #WomenPowerSYKES video below: