5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Significant Other this Love Month

By February 11, 2021 Events

We may still be on lockdown, but that does not mean that you can’t do anything to make your partner feel loved this Valentine’s Day. We may be restricted on what we can do, but if you go out of the box and try to be creative, there are still many ways to celebrate this special day. We’ve listed down five Valentine’s day gift ideas to spark some inspiration. Hopefully, you’ll find something that you can give to your loved one.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #1:

Stream and watch a movie online

For those whose love language is QUALITY TIME

Do you enjoy movie dates? Being inside the cinema has its charm, but you can quickly bring that at home! Set up your living area with comfy pillows, turn off the lights, and bring out your favorite movie snack. Choose your favorite film and enjoy some quality bonding time together!

Are you spending Valentine‘s day apart? Stream the show online, watch it simultaneously, and prepare a movie date package exclusively for your date night!

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #2:

Cook their favorite meal

For those whose love language is ACTS OF SERVICE

You may not be able to dine in your favorite restaurant, but you can surely whip their favorite dish at home! Make your dinner at home extra special by bringing out some candles and asking your partner to dress nicely.

Are you spending Valentine’s day apart? Prepare their favorite dish and have it delivered straight to them! You can also explore baking some goodies and pastries for easy-to-transport gifts.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #3:

Write a love letter

For those whose love language is WORDS OF AFFIRMATION

Bring back the good old love letters this Valentine’s Day! Pour your heart out on a nice stationary paper (yes, they still exist), and tell your partner how much you appreciate them. It’s always nice to read things that uplift your soul, especially amid everything that’s happening around us.

Are you spending Valentine’s day apart? Surprise them by having this sent over via mail! It’s always a treat to receive a letter, even in this day and age. Not patient enough to mail your letter out? Craft it, layout it nicely online, and send it over to them via e-mail!


Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #4:

Curate an unforgettable care package

For those whose love language is PHYSICAL TOUCH

Put together special things that make your loved one feel all cozy this Valentine’s– a lovely scented candle, a pair of cute pajamas, a pillow, and a weighted blanket. You may have spent a lot of time at home in the past months, but having that extra special touch could transform your cuddle nights!

Are you spending Valentine’s day apart? Send your curated care package to them! It’s the closest thing to a warm hug while you spend your time apart.


Valentine’s Day Gift Idea #5:

Treat them with some good old flowers and chocolates

For those whose love language is GIFT GIVING

Flowers and chocolates may be “usual” for some, but these items wouldn’t be a classic Valentine’s Day gift for no reason! Get them their favorite flower and throw in their favorite chocolate (or even a cute stuffed toy), making them feel the love even while staying at home.

Are you spending Valentine’s day apart? Order items online! There’s a lot of specialty shops that can deliver bouquets, chocolates, and even teddy bears for your partner.

Even during this pandemic, there are still countless of ways to make sure that #LoveGoesOn. Want more stories about how to keep the love alive despite the challenges and the distance? Watch our special Valentine’s Day video below: