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Top BPO Company, SYKES, Brings Home Two Awards from ACES 2021

By August 26, 2021News

SYKES is honored to receive the esteemed title of Top Workplaces in Asia in the recently concluded Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability (ACES) Awards 2021. Vice President for Human Resources – APAC, Ms. Lia Lynn Marcos, was also recognized as one of Asia’s Most Inspiring Executives.


The Asia Corporate Excellence and Sustainability Awards (ACES) recognizes companies and individuals across Asia, acknowledging excellence in different categories. It values the services and achievements of businesses, no matter how big or small, recognizing their valuable contributions to their communities and the world.


Despite the challenges of the pandemic, SYKES has demonstrated a strong commitment towards employee empowerment and enrichment, showcasing industry leadership through investment in its people. SYKES has always advocated for its people, ensuring that they have a safe place where they can work, learn, and grow. These values, backed with solid employee programs such as  , succession management programs (SPARK/ALPHA) and work-life balance efforts that boosts talent retention, and have garnered the attention of the jury, giving us the second Top Workplace in Asia win since  



Ms. Lia Lynn Marcos, SYKES’ Vice President for Human Resources – APAC, was also deemed by ACES as one of Asia’s Most Inspiring Executives. Her work in Human Resources is vital in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our employees, which was most especially seen during the height of the pandemic. Under her guidance, teams across our APAC offices were able to swiftly roll out employee support, covering all the necessary bases– from mental health to financial aids and medical assistance. She advocates and continues to look out for employees, ensuring that their needs are addressed and that they feel safe working, even in the most difficult of times. Most importantly, she carried out her work with grace and the utmost care, being a role model that every human resource team member can easily look up to. Her warm and welcoming demeanor is something that SYKESers have always appreciated, making this award a well-deserved win.


“My hope is that with this win I can raise this recognition for my HR team and SYKES. I am so proud of the team I belong to and the people I work with and for. Any kind of win or accolade for me is my way of making sure more people here about this place I work in and what a great place it is to be part of and what a great HR and Branding team I am privileged to be part of.  My teams and my company make the winning worth it for me – I make it through each day and its challenge because I am part of this team,” shares Ms. Lia Lynn Marcos.


At the heart of everything that SYKES does is its purpose – to help, one caring interaction at a time – be it for the clients, the customers, the employees, or the community. And we promise to always live up to this, no matter the circumstances.


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