10 Essential Tips on Working Remotely

By August 18, 2020 Work-Life Balance

The challenges of the pandemic have forced us to shift our work dynamics. What this meant for organizations is having less people in the office, and more working remotely. At SYKES, teams were asked to temporarily work at home, delivering their equipment and helping them settle in as we try our best to keep everyone safe from the virus.

While most of our employees are first-time remote workers, SYKES’ expertise and systems have helped them easily transition. We have been navigating the work-at-home set-up as early as 2012, with digital transformation as one of our main focus in the past years.

Despite our available systems and years of experience, we also understand that there is still a learning curve for employees when it comes to moving from reporting in an office to doing your job at home. We have created this list of essential tips on working remotely to help you make the most out of our current situation.

Tips on Working Remotely #1:

Plan your day

With all the limitations that we’re facing because of the quarantine guidelines, days might feel extra repetitive. Having a plan for the day, knowing what you need to work on, and being able to schedule fun activities after shift might help you stay motivated throughout the day. There’s also a great satisfaction that you get when you are able to take a look at your list and see the things that you’ve accomplished for your day.

Tips on Working Remotely #2:

Schedule breaks

When you work at home, it’s easier for you to lose track of time. Without your co-workers dragging you for lunch or inviting you for a quick snack break, you might tend to forget to eat on time or just even take a breather. What we recommend is to include breaks in your days, carving out 15 minutes to stretch or drink water.

Tips on Working Remotely #3:

Protect your time

With personal time and work hours blurring with one another, you may find yourself working longer at home compared to your time in the office. To help you avoid burnout, stick to your work hours, and include “me” time in your schedule. You can also join virtual activities that fit your interest to help you feel a sense of normalcy and just have a work-life balance despite the current situation.

Tips on Working Remotely #4:

Have a dedicated workspace

Finding a dedicated workspace not only lets you do your job in peace, but it also helps you get into the mood of working. Being able to have a dedicated space where you can get things done with minimal distraction can help you stay focused and be more productive.

Tips on Working Remotely #5:

Make your work area comfortable

Tidy up your space and, if you can, get an ergonomic furnishing that would help you stay comfortable. Having a desk with a proper height as well as a good chair will help you with your posture and prevent back and joint pains. Working for long hours in front of the computer might be tough, but having the right items might help you feel a little more at ease. At SYKES, we sent out our ergonomic chairs for employees to use while they work at home. This is our way to help them stay motivated and be more comfortable in their new workspaces.

Tips on Working Remotely #6:

Utilize your walls and zoom backgrounds

When taking calls and joining meetings, it’s helpful to have a distraction-free background. Positioning yourself against a wall or a neat backdrop would be the easiest solution. Otherwise, you can utilize zoom backgrounds to help you hide the other items at your home. You can check out some of SYKES’ available zoom backgrounds, ready for download here.

Tips on Working Remotely #7:

Dress appropriately

You may be at home but you are still on your shift. Make sure to wear appropriate clothing when attending meetings. Dressing up also helps you get in the zone and even if you’re not leaving the house, it can help you feel good and ready to conquer the day.

Tips on Working Remotely #8:


With distance limiting all employee interactions that you are used to, communication has become even more vital. Properly communicating your challenges and concerns are keys to making a work-at-home set-up more successful. If you are encountering any difficulties, we highly recommend that you reach out to your manager or to the designated teams so your concerns will be addressed.

Tips on Working Remotely #9:

Dedicate time for casual conversations

The pandemic might have made us feel isolated and lonely at times. Having casual conversations, even for a bit, might help you loosen up and brighten up your day. Don’t be shy– attend your team meetings, casual get-togethers, or just reach out to your work friends during breaks. It doesn’t hurt to be a little social sometimes.

Tips on Working Remotely #10:

Keep yourself engaged

With all the challenges we’re experiencing right now, it might be hard to think of other things outside of getting the job done. But still, it’s important that you take care of yourself in all aspects. Part of those is being able to communicate, socialize, and enjoy work-life balance. At SYKES, we put our best foot forward to ensure that our employees have an array of things that they can enjoy and engage in. From virtual events to town halls, to fun meetings, we have made them all available for our teams. All they have to do is to show up and be engaged.

Do you have any additional tips for work at home employees? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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