Tips on Acing your Video Interview

video call interview tips

Through the years, there have been some significant changes in the landscape of job hunting and hiring processes. From nerve-wracking in-person interviews, companies have now gone digital, setting up video calls for candidates and processing applications online. From Facebook to a multitude of job portals, a lot of opportunities await job seekers.

SYKES has always believed in the power of digital transformation. As early as 2003, we have developed and implemented a video interview infrastructure to help our candidates better manage their applications. We have always been at the forefront of implementing innovative solutions, resulting to faster processes and giving our applicants an effortless hiring experience.
While a remote interview may sound as simple as logging in, it is still best to come prepared so you can ace your interview and get the job. In this guide, we will walk you through some helpful tips on how you can gain more confidence and impress your interviewer even if you’re just talking through screens.

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Test your technology
Make sure that you are familiar with the tools that you’ll use before your scheduled interview. Test the required software if it’s compatible with your device and be accustomed to how it works. Check if your camera, speaker, and microphone are working properly. Most importantly, ensure that you have a stable connection by doing a quick speed test at home. Just go to and click GO. Ideally, you should have an upload and download speed of 1.8 MBPS for a seamless high-definition video call*.

Find your perfect spot
Distractions are everywhere at home and there are many ways that your interview might get interrupted. Make sure that you find a quiet spot away from anything that might disturb you. It would be best if that area also has good lighting so your interviewer can properly see you. You can try sitting in a naturally-lit room or beside a window so you can get some good light.

Look professional
Just because you are taking your interview at home doesn’t mean you don’t have to look your best. Make sure to dress appropriately and wear something that you would wear for a face-to-face interview. Looking your best can also boost your confidence, so if you’d like to wear makeup or style your hair, feel free to do so.

Listen and engage
Make eye contact, smile, and nod when appropriate. Be an active listener and keep your mind from drifting off. While your conversation may take place on-screen, your interviewer can still easily see if you are paying close attention to what they’re saying.

Avoid distractions
Put your phone in silent mode and make sure that all tabs and browsers on your computer are closed. If you can, only have your video interview window open to make sure that nothing can get your attention. Staying focused and alert during an interview can definitely make a difference.

As with any job interview, the best way to get through it is to be confident about your skills and show what you can truly offer.

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