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Will You be My Green Valentine?

By March 1, 2019 SYKES Cares

SYKESers show love for Mother Earth through #SYKESGreenValentines Campaign

SYKES celebrated Valentine’s Day this 2019 with a twist. Instead of parading the usual red color associated with the event, SYKES decided to go green instead with its #SYKESGreenValentines campaign.

The #SYKESGreenValentines campaign is created to launch the company’s new eco-friendly line of merchandise featuring the Bambler (Bamboo Tumbler), Bamboo Cutlery Set, and Jute Drawstring Bag.

“The goal with this launch is to encourage all SYKESers to embrace an eco-friendlier lifestyle. We carefully chose items which our employees use in a regular basis to help them incorporate the green lifestyle in their everyday lives,” shares Director for Branding and Communications Cecile Moreno-Venancio. “In SYKES, we believe that sustainability is a way of life,” she adds.

Days before Valentine’s Day, SYKES posted daily Facebook live quizzes where SYKESers tested their knowledge of famous love songs, romantic movies and popular love teams. The top scorers get a chance to win the merchandise bundle (Bambler, Cutlery Set and Jute Bag) while the other participants are automatically included in the raffle for consolation prizes.

Check out the videos of SYKES’ new eco-friendly merchandise: