#SYKESEliteCircle: Experience the Best of Marine Life with Manila Ocean Park

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Are you looking for a great place to bring your family and friends this weekend? Look no further and visit Manila Ocean Park! This state-of-the-art facility showcases thousands of marine animals and offers a great educational experience for both children and adults. With huge discounts from SYKES Elite Circle, you can now enjoy up to 10 different attractions for less than PHP 1,000.00! We recently went to Manila Ocean Park to experience each attraction that you can avail through SYKES’ special packages. Here’s what happened:


Photo from Manila Ocean Park Blog

Home to 14,000 marine creatures and the famous aquarium walkway tunnel, the Oceanarium is one of the main attractions in Manila Ocean Park. This was the first attraction that we checked out and the park’s collection is nothing but impressive. Divided into seven sections, it is one of the biggest public aquariums in the Philippines. Aside from the exhibits, it also has a bi-level shark and stingray viewing facilities, as well as function rooms that serve as an educational activity area.


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Sharks and Ray Dry Encounter
One of the most engaging animal interactions in the park, the Sharks and Ray Dry Encounter lets you get up close and personal with the animals. Divided into three different zones, we were able to visit and check out various species of sharks, sting ray, and starfishes. Facilitated by the experts from the park, we also got the chance to touch and hold these friendly animals.

Sea Lion Show
During our visit, we also got the chance to meet the adorable sea lions of South America on this fun and insightful show. It highlights the sea lions’ special skills and also discusses environmental conservation through its short program. It is truly a great way to learn and enjoy with the whole family.



Photo by Con Sanchez-Berboso

Jellies Exhibit
Witness the beauty of the dancing sea fairies as they gracefully glide on neon-lit aquariums accompanied by music. The exhibit showcases a variety of species that definitely took our breath away.

Trails to Antartica
The first ever penguin park facility in the country, Trails to Antartica is a must see. We felt as if we’ve been transported half way around the globe to the frozen continent of Antartica to meet adorable live Humboldt penguins. The attraction also features Snow Village where the whole family can have fun under the snow.

Yexel’s Museum
Featuring toys from Yexel Sebastian’s personal collection, Yexel’s Museum brought out the kids in us. We took cute photos with life sized Star Troopers and sat on Game of Throne’s most coveted Iron Throne. Make sure you don’t forget to bring a fully charged camera, your selfie sticks, and your youthful self!

Birds of Prey Kingdom
In partnership with the Protected Areas and Wildlife Bureau (PAWB), Manila Ocean Park brings the Birds of Prey Kingdom. During our visit, we got the chance to see one of the most stunning coastal raptors in the Philippines, the Lawin (Brahminy Kites), and learn more about these amazing creatures. Bonus points for a fun and badass photo with the birds!

All-star Bird Show
The All-Star Bird Show features the park’s fine feathered friends surely entertained us with their cuteness and skills. Watch as cockatoos, macaws, and eagles perform fun tricks and stunts.



Photo from GMA Network

Fish Spa
We got the chance to relax as doctor fishes nibbled on our tired feet. It felt weird at first but it’s a unique experience that’s worth trying.

Penguin Talk Show
Sing, laugh and get silly in this fun and interactive show featuring the country’s first animated talking penguin, Hamboo! We got the chance to experience a different kind of digital puppetry that’s perfect for all ages.

Back of the House
Back of the House is one of Manila Ocean Park’s newest attractions. During our tour, we were able to experience the more scientific aspect of the park, which gave us a chance to get a closer look on how they maintain their marine sanctuary. It’s a fun and educational tour for the kids and for the whole family.

Symphony Evening Show
A breathtaking performance using water, fire, air, and light, the Symphony Evening Show is certainly an entertaining experience. Staged at the Symphony Theater, they use huge water fountains and latest multimedia technology to create 2D effects that create a mesmerizing animation. Fused with music and other elements, the Symphony Evening Show is a perfect way to end a fun day at the Manila Ocean Park.


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