Year-in-Review: SYKES celebrates their wins in 2020 through a powerful anthem

By January 8, 2021 Events, News

No one was ready for what we experienced in 2020. We faced unprecedented difficulties that forced us to reassess and relearn how we live our lives. Our dreams and plans took a backseat as we patiently watched how life would unfold.

For most of us, 2020 was marked with an extended time at home. We explored new hobbies, brought our work into our living rooms, and spent a lot of time trying to stay safe. For others, it meant taking the risk of traveling to work, staying in temporary spaces, and going the extra mile to make things happen in service to others.

And while the year might be filled to the brim with challenges, it has also shone the light on how far dedication, passion, and kindness can bring us. At SYKES, we’ve seen this first-hand, through every caring interaction that our team had made. From helping each other as we adjust to the new normal, to extending a hand to those in need. Our SYKESers raised funds, organized donation drives, participated in relief efforts, and worked hard to make sure that their loved ones are taken care of. They pursued passions, achieved milestones no matter how big or small, and most importantly, they never let their spirit crumble amid the hardships.

2020 may not have been the easiest, but we believe that there are still reasons to celebrate our wins. In lieu of a traditional year-end review, we decided to create a special anthem for our SYKESers. This is our way of celebrating their wins, acknowledging their hard work, and saying our thanks. We’re always in this together, SYKESers.

Watch the SYKES Anthem Video here:

Have you ever seen the world in a different light

Have you ever had to stay home, out of sight

Alone and lonely, away from it all

Locked up in your own fears, feeling so small.

But my eyes searched the sky

And everyday, I was shown why

I’ve learned to make the small things count

I’ve found out what life is all about.


I may be alone, but not all alone

You by my side makes everything all right

From small wins to big wins,

and all the might-have-beens,

We’re in this together, we’ll win this together

I see you, I see us, together we’ll fight

We’ll choose the right battles, tomorrow’s quite bright

It’s the new us, it’s a new day

We’ll win for those we love, today.


We’re in this, we’ll win this

You and I, together

We’re stronger, we’re better

We’ll win this together