SYKES’ 2-day Job Hunt in Trinoma Opened Doors for More Opportunities

By June 9, 2016Careers in SYKES

From June 6 to 7, SYKES held one of its biggest job hunts of the year at the Trinoma Activity Center. The event opened opportunities for hundreds of candidates. We processed applications on the spot and gave them the results within a couple of hours.


SYKES prides itself on providing fast but thorough application processing, and this has been proven to be true during the job hunt. During our interview with Kimberly, one of the applicants that were hired on the spot, she shared that the company’s process was very convenient for her. “Ang bilis lang ng process [sa SYKES], hindi [s’ya] katulad ng other companies na maghihintay ka ng sobrang tagal, tapos hindi ka pa sure (The process was really quick, unlike with other companies where I still had to wait for a long time),” she told us.

Aside from the quick application process, the job hunt also offered an on-site NBI processing, giving applicants the chance to apply for their clearance within minutes. Seasoned agent Joseph says that he really appreciates the presence of the NBI kiosk during the event. “Sobrang hindi hassle kasi maayos ang on-site application. Before, nung una akong nagprocess ng NBI ko years ago, isang buong araw yung tinagal ko. (Processing the NBI clearance wasn’t hard because the on-site application was well organized. When I first processed my NBI clearance years ago, it took me a whole day to get it done),” he shares.

Applicants who took the time to process their employment during the job hunt were given free snacks and SYKES goodies, while successful applicants who were referred and pre-registered by employees were able to go home with a SYKES Gym Bag.


While waiting for their turn on the interviews, applicants were treated with different presentations and fun games. As part of the program during the first day, SYKES Synergy graced the stage and performed an energetic dance number.

Being one of the most active interest clubs in the company, there is no doubt that SYKES Synergy has some of the most passionate members. Jennifer, a member of the team for more than 4 years, shared to us that when it comes to dancing, there is no doubt that her skills are honed by the team. She also admitted that this has been one of the biggest reasons why she stayed with the company. “Being part of the group was fun. Ito na yung isa sa mga reason ko kung bakit ako talaga nagstay sa SYKES. Kasi hindi sa lahat ng company, mabibigyan ka ng chance na ma-pursue yung passion mo talaga. Dito sa SYKES, at least I’m having fun while working (This has become one of the reasons why I stayed with the company. Others won’t really give you a chance to pursue your passion, but here at SYKES, at least I am having fun while working).”

The job hunt welcomed more than a hundred new employees for the company, placing new faces and welcoming new members to our growing family. Missed the event? Don’t worry! We’ll be having a second round of our job hunt this coming July 12-13, 2016. Pre-register HERE and to get a free gift from SYKES when you register in the venue. See you there!

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