SYKES Sportsfest 2016 Declares S500 as Inter-site Overall Winner

By September 3, 2016SYKES Events

After months of intense and exciting games, the SYKES Sportsfest 2016 has finally come to a conclusion last August 28, declaring SYKES Shaw500 as the overall site champion. Unlike the previous sports fests, this year’s teams were clustered per site, creating bigger alliances and forming a different kind of camaraderie.

While the event may have lasted for months, the energy from players, participants, and supporters never wavered. With every championship game, hundreds of SYKESers showed their support for their teams, cheering them on with every score and good moves.

Although everyone gave their best shot and shared great moments in the playing field, only a few can be called as a champion. Here is the complete list of winners and awardees for SYKES Sportsfest 2016. Congratulations everyone and see you all next year!




Men’s Doubles

Champion: Jeoffrey Alcantara/ Daniel John Ponsay (G1)

1st Runner Up: Joseph Villanueva/Victorino Sambo (WCC)

2nd Runner Up: Jhon-Jon Cabello/Maximo Demillo (S500)

Ladies’ Doubles

Champion: Anabelle Ulip/Crystalyn Kaye Garcia (S500)

1st Runner Up: Zhiella Turingan/ Hazel Jean Pires (WCC)

Mixed Doubles

Champion: Zhiella Turingan / Jeoffrey Alcantara (G1)

1st Runner Up: Anabelle Ulip /Joeffrey Francis Jude Juada (S500)


Men’s Division: Jeoffrey Alcantara

Women’s Division: Zhiella Turingan/Anabelle Ulip





Champion: All Star

1st Runner Up: GQBU


Best Server: Hanzel Cabarrubias

Best Attacker: Melchor Paguio

Best Receiver: Bryan San Pedro

Best Digger: Regidor Abad

Best stter: Madelyn Macahilas

Best Blocker: Kimberly Jade Velasco




Champion: Juanito Buenaventura Jr. (S500)

1st Runner Up: Gershon Ellima (KPT)

2nd Runner Up: Jose Valentine Santos (S500)


Champion: Team Hokage (KPT)

1st Runner Up: MyD2Lab (S500)

2nd Runner Up: TECTVV (WCC)





Champion: Telco (WCC)

1st Runner Up: Sony (WCC)

2nd Runner Up: SG&A 1 (G1)


Highest Team Series: SG&A 1

Team High Game: SG&A 1

Individual Best Players

High Game (Men): Hernani Caballero (Sony)

High Game (Women): Geradel Manalo (SG&A 2)

High Series (Men): Stanley Sia (SG&A 1)

High Series (Women): Carolina De Ausen (SG&A 1)




Champion: G-Unit

1st Runner-Up: Wildcats

2nd runner-up: Collections

Tournament MVP: John Peter Jolejole

Mythical 5

John Peter Jolejole(G-Unit)

Cydrick Allan Marcelino (G-Unit)

Maynard Elnar (Wildcats)

Edwin Manansala (Collections)

Geoferson Albarillo (Titans)

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