SYKES hailed as one of Jobstreet’s Hero Employers

By February 18, 2021 News

The pandemic has greatly changed the employment landscape in the country. It has drastically disrupted organizations and affected millions of Filipinos and their families. Amid the challenges, companies like SYKES continue to fight back and provide job opportunities for the community. Alongside the continuous opening of doors for work, we have also implemented strict safety protocols, and an innovative approach for business continuity, which has garnered attention from award-giving bodies, and lately, our portal partner, Jobstreet.


The Effect of the Pandemic in Employment

Most companies in the Philippines are solely reliant on brick-and-mortar operations. With the threat of COVID-19 and the government mandate of month-long lockdowns, many were forced to rethink and, unfortunately, let go of old strategies to keep their businesses afloat.

Over 27 million Filipinos were left jobless at the height of the ECQ, and more than half of job seekers were heavily affected because of this transition*.

At SYKES, we were challenged by the restrictions on mobility , logistics and government regulations, with thousands of our employees transitioning to a blended work model in a matter of days. Most of our team members moved to work at home, while others continuously reported on-site as part of the Business Continuity Team. Once our workforce has settled, we continued generating jobs and our recruitment efforts did not waver even during MECQ.


JobStreet Hero Employers

To celebrate the efforts of providing opportunities for job seekers during this difficult time, Jobstreet created the “Hero Employers” campaign. They built this campaign to publicly thank their partners and hopefully inspire other companies to join in rebuilding the economy by reducing unemployment. SYKES was chosen to be one of Jobstreet’s Hero Employers, alongside 14 other local companies.

“SYKES’ core has always been about service to others on behalf of others. We find that to be even more true during the last year, where SYKES was one of the key employers who have given the most employment opportunities despite the pandemic,” said Khriztina Lim, Jobstreet Philippines’ Country Marketing Manager.

The campaign will also run in other countries in Asia, with hopes to uplift job seekers’ spirits as we do our best to bounce back stronger in this new normal.

Since last December, there’s been a positive movement in the job market, with an increase to an average of over 50,000* jobs monthly. SYKES is honored to be part of Jobstreet’s Hero Employers and is committed to continuously support this effort by providing opportunities for fellow Filipinos and the rest of our communities.

Interested to see our latest job openings? Check out our Jobstreet Portal here.

*Data provided by Jobstreet Philippines