SYKES Gives Away a Brand-New Car to Lucky Employee

Two years ago, Jordan Bandojo started referring his friends to SYKES. Two years later, he walks home with a brand-new Mitsubishi Mirage from the SYKES Refer and Ride Promo.

SYKES Refer & Ride Promo is an initiative by the SYKES HR-Sourcing Team to encourage employees to keep on referring friends to the various job openings available at SYKES. While each referrer receives a monetary incentive for every successful applicant, employees are further motivated to bring their friends to the company with seasonal promos like Refer & Ride.

SYKES Refer and Ride Promo Grand Prize — a brand new car!

The promo started in mid-2016, releasing over 1,500 tickets to employees. Although he can be considered as a “pro” when it comes to referring people, Jordan Bandojo did not expect that he’ll win something out of it. Little did he know that this will pave the way to owning his very own car in March 2017.

“I started referring friends for the company because I believe that SYKES is a great place to work,” he says. “I didn’t know that this would eventually land me to owning a brand-new car,” Jordan added with a smile.

Jordan has been working at SYKES for twelve years now and has been actively referring for the company. At first, he was only inviting friends and family, but as time goes on, he became more creative on pooling his applicants. From online sources to sharing the opportunity via Facebook, Jordan knows how to find the right applicants for the job. For the Refer & Ride promo, he successfully referred 15 people, endorsing them to a variety of accounts.

“Although I have a diverse pool of applicants, most of my referrals end up being a part of my account,” he admits. “Since I already know the profile and characteristics that we are looking for, it’s easier for me to look and coach people that are based on that profile,” he adds.

If you’re interested in becoming a referral ‘pro’ like Jordan, he says that “you have to be creative on looking for interested applicants. There are tons of ways to get applicants, it’s just a matter of finding the right people.” He says that he will keep on referring because he wants to help others. “I believe that the best way to do it is to help them land jobs,” he adds.

Jordan Bandojo and his brand-new car!

So, what are his plans for his new car? ”I’m definitely keeping it. In fact, I already started my driving lessons. I have never owned a car and I still need lessons to properly drive it, but I’m willing to learn. I’m excited to use it and drive my family around!”

Want to win awesome prizes for yourself? SYKES’ HR-Sourcing team is continuously rolling out promos for referrers. For 2017, SYKES will be giving away up to 200,000 worth of prizes. Stay tuned for more updates on the mechanics and keep on referring!

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