SYKES CHOICES Gives Back: Clubs Gathered Donations for Chosen Communities

SYKES CHOICES is one of SYKES’ programs to help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance. With a variety of interest clubs to choose from, SYKESers are free to join and participate in activities and causes of their liking. Aside from being an outlet for their hobbies, SYKES CHOICES clubs have also become a place for employees to meet like-minded people, an avenue to engage with others who shares the same passion as they do.

Every quarter, each SYKES CHOICES club is asked to organize one event that would cater to their interest, which shall also be open for all SYKES employees. While each activity is really intended for the club, their members, and their fellow SYKESers, most clubs also choose to create events that would also benefit those who are outside of the organization. Instead of staging a simple get together, they pour their time and effort to create outreach activities to help communities, foundations, charities, and beneficiaries of their choice.

Last July and August, SYKESclistas, SYKES Table Tennis Club, and SYKES Outdoor Club went out of their way to organize donation drives and activities that supported their chosen beneficiaries, in more ways than one. Check out the quick round up of their events below:



July 30-31, 2016 / San Felipe, Zambales


Bags and swimwears on hand, the members of SYKES Outdoor Club went all the way to Zambales to have fun and share their blessings to the indigenous children of Sitio Cawag.

Truly, the club knows how to enjoy and give back during their two-day adventure to the north. During their first day at Zambales, they conducted an outreach program to the kids of Sitio Cawag where they distributed school supplies, raincoat, and slippers, most of which were donated by the SYKES community. They also provided light snacks for everyone.

“The long drive and all the preparation paid off when I saw the smile on their faces,” said Abigail Anore, one of the club’s members.

While the donation drive was one of the highlights of the trip, the club also took the time to relax by the beach, ride the waves, and enjoy the company of those who share the same passion as they do.

“SYKES Outdoor Club combines adventure and outreach programs, which I definitely enjoyed. It was very nice to see fellow SYKESers come together in helping the Sitio Cawag community. The teamwork that I’ve felt with the club was definitely amazing,” shares Griselle Claveria, one of the event participants.




July 31, 2016 / Tutuban Mall, Divisoria Mall


Every year, SYKES Table Tennis Club stages an event that aims to help out different communities. For this year, they have chosen to organize an exhibition game for physically challenged table tennis enthusiasts. According to the club, they put up the event with the hopes of inspiring and empowering the participants to pursue their passion.

Ginicka Gubatan, SYKES Table Tennis Club’s Representative, shares that the players were very enthusiastic to participate in their event. “It was very moving to watch them play gracefully even though they are in their crutches and wheelchairs,” Ginicka recalls.

“They definitely proved to us that their physical setback was not a hindrance to doing extraordinary things,” she shares.

The one-day exhibition game did not only showcase the participants’ strengths and skills, but it also showed their undying support for one another. The club hopes that the game would be a great start for the participants’ friendships and, hopefully, an inspiration for them to pursue the sport further.

“Some of them were even mentioning next year’s South East Asian Paralympic Games, and we really hope that they compete for it,” Ginicka mentions.

Although the game’s focus was to give back to the participants, the club couldn’t deny that they were extremely touched and inspired on how disciplined and determined their participants were.

The event ended with a short program and distribution of gift bags, which included food and toiletry donations from the SYKES community.

13721098_245544572510982_240895462_nPADYAK BALIK ESKWELA YEAR 2 (SYKESclistas)

August 7, 2016 / Tanay, Rizal

For the second year, SYKESclistas traveled for more than 60 kilometers from SYKES Glorietta to Tanay, Rizal to give away school supplies to the students of Sta. Ines Elementary School. As this was their second outreach in the area, the members decided to add the nearby Kinabuan Elementary School as their beneficiary for the event. In total, they were able to help 320 pupils, an apparent increase from last year’s 100 beneficiaries.

They conducted a short program for the students, allowing themselves to kick back and play with the children before moving on to distributing their donations. They also shared some of their stories, hoping to inspire the students to do well in school. Some of the items that they gave were school supplies, hygiene kits for the schools’ clinic, and a generator. While donations poured out from the SYKES community, the club was also able to gather additional funds from friends, acquaintances, and strangers who purchased their Pusong SYKESclista shirts.

“We may be small, but we are driven by compassion to help out those who are in need. Just like how we keep our bike wheels rolling, we promise not to stop from helping,” said Henry James San Luis, SYKESclistas’ representative.

While most of the participants cycled their way to the venue, they have also invited non-members and non-cyclists to participate during the program and turnover of items. “We opened our doors because we also want others to experience what ‘Pusong SYKESclistas’ is all about,” shares Henry. “The event was heartwarming and it definitely inspired us to do more,” he adds.

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