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Multinational call center SYKES was once again recognized as the BPO Company of the Year by the Asia Leaders Awards. The company was awarded for its exemplary commitment to driving and improving the local business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, while still going above and beyond expectations with its pandemic response.

“Winning the award for three straight years is a testament to SYKES’ passion, commitment to excellence, and solid teamwork to serve our clients, customers, employees, and community. Although 2020 has not been an easy year for everyone, we have not lost sight of our purpose. We endeavored to beat the odds and continue to operate our business thriving under the new normal. We appreciate that international business awards like Asia Leaders Awards recognized our hard work in staying true to our mission of helping and serving people one caring interaction at a time,” said Shane Baetz, Vice President Regional Support Services, APAC operations.

Recognizing global excellence among its awardees, the Asia Leaders Awards annually acknowledges industry leaders who are making significant changes not only in their respective fields, but also promoting the Philippines as a premier business hub in Asia and beyond. Its awards committee is made up of esteemed organizations and empowered individuals.

Judged based on its BPO management, work culture and environment, and consistent pursuit of excellence and value, SYKES stood out to the awards body due to its perseverance and unity in achieving success. The company was able to demonstrate all these within the year, in the midst of delivering solutions for the challenges of the pandemic, further proving itself a trailblazer of the BPO industry. Despite it all, SYKES was able to maintain 100% business continuity throughout the entire year and was even able to expand its workforce, providing employment to thousands of displaced Filipino workers during this period.

Displaying resilience, courage, and an indomitable spirit, SYKES has ensured uninterrupted business operations through its agility in mobilizing resources, developing an effective work-at-home business model, and implementing pandemic guidelines that respond to government regulations. Its business continuity plan was carried out successfully because of the teamwork and laser-like focus of leaders and team members alike.

SYKES also bagged the prestigious award due to its high-performance workplace that fosters employee engagement and continuous improvement through staff motivation, training, and coaching and development. A significant component of its employee-engagement effort is its SYKES Choices (for Manila sites) and Involve (for Cebu sites) programs. Comprised of a total of 20 interest clubs, the programs hold several activities wherein SYKESers can showcase their talents and hobbies while having fun and developing bonds with coworkers.

The BPO industry pioneer also established skill development programs such as the SYKES ALPHA (Accelerated Leadership Program for High Achievers) and the Career Selfie, which help SYKESers unlock their full potential and empower them towards career growth.

With its excellence in the face of disruption, SYKES was also recognized by various award-giving bodies across different categories in the past year. It won two trophies from the Stevie Awards, namely a Silver Stevie for the Most Innovative Work-From-Home Plan and a Bronze Stevie for the Most Innovative Workplace Redesign. SYKES was also hailed as the Top Employer of the Year by the Asia CEO Awards.

2020 truly was an extraordinary year, but the BPO company is proud to have risen above every challenge while nurturing the development of its people, clients, and community.

“SYKES is very grateful for the different industry recognitions that we have received. We carry them with pride and gratitude together with our close to 18,000-strong employees in the country. As we grow our family here in the Philippines, we believe that these recognitions speak for the culture of our organization where each member is given an incredible opportunity to work, learn, and grow,” said Baetz.

Multi-awarded by local and international business awards every year, SYKES has established its position as a frontrunner of the BPO industry. It has earned its reputation by ensuring that its people are always prioritized in order to meet the needs and expectations of its clients.

This article was also published in PageOne PH and Sunstar Cebu.