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SYKES Brings Together the Brightest Data Scientists of the Future

SYKES Philippines holds first hackathon competition with ADMU Students

SYKES hosted its first-ever hackathon last Feb. 2 and 3 in partnership with the Computer Society of the Ateneo (CompSAt), a student-run organization in the Ateneo De Manila University. Fifteen students divided into six teams matched wits and skills as they presented their very own model solutions in the 2-day hackathon.

The students were tasked to create a machine learning model that can predict employee attrition using data from a mobile application that enables users to choose their moods, post comments and like/dislike posts. All the teams presented impressive model solutions but Riana’s Angels, ATK, and Master Hackers grabbed the top three spots in the competition.

The hackathon event is a brainchild of SYKES’ Data Science Academy to promote data science as a discipline and nurture the students’ interest in the said field.

“Overall, it was the most wholesome competition I’ve ever joined. It didn’t even feel like we were competing. I felt part of a family of data science enthusiasts doing their best and learning as much as they could,” Louis Cesista, a member of Riana’s Angels shared later on in a social media post.

This hackathon marks the beginning of the partnership between SYKES and ADMU in advancing data science. Apart from this event, SYKES will be partnering with ADMU for internship opportunities in data science under the Data Science Academy. As interns, the students will be members of the Digital Business Solutions team and implement business intelligence and machine learning applications for SYKES. Similar training opportunities established by SYKES Philippines for students include SYKES EXCEL.

SYKES EXCEL (Exceptional Circle of Learners) is SYKES’ internship program that boasts of real-world training opportunities in Human Resources, Information Technology, Learning and Development, and Graphic Design.

“After brainstorming ways to engage with the academe, it was decided that this partnership should be spearheaded with ADMU’s CompSAt. CompSAt is a great community driven to improve the quality of lives through a common passion for Information Technology. This will also serve as an opportunity to promote the value of data science in the digital age,” shared by Dylan Valerio, a SYKES Data Scientist under the Digital Business Solutions Team and an Ateneo alumnus.