SYKES, the pioneering multinational customer contact center operator, which was the first to handle international calls in The Philippines, is set to formally open its newest site in Alabang this September. The company’s newest facility will introduce innovative concepts that focus on catering the needs of its employees. This is their sixth site in the Philippines and the first one that will be located in the Metro South.

Leasing more than 12,000 square meters at the Ayala’s ATC Corporate Center, SYKES’ 5-level office boasts stylish yet functional interiors that incorporate comfort and performance. The newest site aims to add around 2,500 employees that are set to handle clients from top industry players from all over the globe.

SYKES’ Alabang site also boasts great convenience for employees and applicants. Located in a premiere spot in Muntinlupa, the site is adjacent to primary transport terminals, and is easily accessible for both private and public vehicles. Restaurants, malls, banks and other services are also on the facility’s doorstep.


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SYKES’ Venture to the Metro South

Cecile May Venancio, SYKES Sourcing, Branding and Communications Director said the decision to open a site in Alabang is to capitalize on the exceptional labor talent of Southern Metro Manila and nearby provinces such as Cavite and Laguna. Venancio stressed that there are a lot of potential employees from the area and the abundance of educational institutions within the vicinity makes it a perfect avenue to source quality employees.


SYKES Alabang Recruitment Hub


State of the Art Facility

On top of its premiere location, what makes SYKES Alabang an ideal workplace is its employee-centric elements.

According to Joie Campilan, SYKES Director for Area Expansion and Planning, the site’s functionality is all created around the employees’ welfare and needs. From creating a floor plan that allows employees to efficiently move from one area to another, to amenities like spacious dining areas and 24/7 self-service convenience stores, Campilan says that everything has been carefully taken into consideration to provide the best experience for employees.


SYKES Alabang’s Sleeping Pods

One of the highlights of the new site, Campilan revealed, are the sleeping bubbles designed after Japanese capsule hotels. These are created to give employees additional comfort and privacy while taking a rest within the facility.

Another breakthrough of SYKES Alabang is its training rooms, which are all designed with a flipped classroom methodology. Veering away from the traditional classroom set-up, this new kind of methodology shifts the focus from the trainer to the participants; improving the stickiness of learning and helping employees to better succeed in their job.

The site’s recruitment hub is designed to be applicant friendly. It will feature a spacious design, accommodating more people while keeping it comfortable. SYKES prides itself on providing an efficient interview experience, thus, creating dedicated spaces for each step of the process – from interviews to tests, and even job offers. This is to make sure that all applicants will be given the best quality of service and attention.

“Travel is becoming more onerous, so we have made all efforts to focus on the convenience and experience for our staff, before, during and after work. It’s all about them.” said Dean Van Ormer, SYKES’ Vice President and General Manager for the Philippines.



ATC Corporate Center
2294 Access Road,
Alabang, Muntinlupa City


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