SYKESers Winning Together: Success Stories of Employees Amid the Pandemic

By December 18, 2020 Events, Work-Life Balance

2020 has been a year full of challenges. With the pandemic, the lockdown, and the natural disasters that we’ve faced, it was not an easy year for many of us. But despite it all, our situation has taught us how to gracefully face the difficulties and thrive in the little ways we can.

This year-end, we wanted to celebrate our SYKESers’ wins, their journeys as they find fulfillment and fuel their passions amid it all. Here are some of the incredible success stories of employees that we hope would also inspire you to keep going and achieve your dreams.

Success Stories of Employees: Leadership Amid the Pandemic

RAY-AN (Manager, Operations)

During the pandemic, Ray-an’s leadership was truly put to the test. The lockdown challenged his ability to stay resilient, agile, and adaptable as he made sure his team was supported while balancing business requirements and meeting their targets.

He used this extraordinary experience to learn further and impart life-long lessons that will make his team stronger. He motivates his members, guiding them as we navigate through the new normal. Today, they have fully adjusted to our latest work model, and he hopes that his team would appreciate how they can adapt despite all the changes.

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Success Stories of Employees: Starting an Online Community Page

JV (Senior Manager, Human Resources)

JV started a page called “A Dose of JVness” to share good vibes and positivity with his friends and small online community. He decided to push through with this passion project because he wanted to gain more confidence and be more comfortable in his skin. More than the likes and views, he said that he genuinely wanted to do this for himself. The time he spared as he stayed at home became an outlet for creativity and became his fuel to continue creating something good despite our challenges.

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Success Stories of Employees: Sharing Talents for a Cause

AIKA (Senior Specialist, Human Resources)

Even before the pandemic, Aika has always pursued her passion for calligraphy. She held calligraphy workshops for a cause, with profits donated to chosen communities, and took on commissions in her spare time, sharing her talents to bring words into beautiful art pieces. Aika is also multi-passionate, and the time that she was able to stay at home gave her the chance to start a small online bakeshop with his brother. 

Although productive, the pandemic was not easy for her as she lost loved ones during this lockdown. But despite it all, her trooper attitude continues to shine through, fueling her passions and desire to share what she has to touch other people’s lives. She wants to use whatever skills she has to give back to others and be an inspiration.

Success Stories of Employees: Discovering a new hobby

ALPHA (HR Associate, Operations)

With the limited transportation available during the lockdown, Alpha bought a bike as her way to work on errands and mobilize herself in and out of the city. But when most of her friends started to get their bikes and invited her over to travel, she began to fall in love with the hobby. Today, she goes on weekly bike rides, visiting nearby places, gaining a new skill that not only strengthened her but also inspired her to live a healthier lifestyle.

Success Stories of Employees: Plant Parenting

REYMUND (Customer Service Representative, Operations)

Reymund is a proud plant parent; that’s why when we held the Plantito and Plantita contest, he did not hesitate to share his love for his plants. He won the competition and celebrated his win, where he had the chance to showcase his beloved plants and inspire others to be mindful of the environment. Taking care of plants is only just the beginning of a more environmentally conscious and sustainable lifestyle that he advocates for.

Success Stories of Employees: Pursuing his Passion

JAMES (Executive Assistant, Site Leadership)

During the lockdown, James started his pastry business and pursued his passion for photography and videography. He has always been enthusiastic about these crafts, but he never had the chance to explore them entirely until the lockdown happened. He’s thrilled to share his talents, even offering free food photography for businesses that are starting. He said that he learned a lot during the lockdown and that he’s grateful to have the chance to share the talent that he has to uplift others.

Success Stories of Employees: Following Entrepreneurial Dreams

VINCE (Global Resource Planning Analyst, Shared Services)

Vince has always dreamed of owning a business. While logistics are challenging because of the social distancing and pandemic guidelines, that did not stop him from making his dream come true. Last November, he opened his milk tea shop, sharing his love for the drink, one cup at a time. He believes that among many things, he learned a lot about resilience during this pandemic, helping him to pave the way to personal breakthroughs.

Success Stories of Employees: Answering the Challenge with Business

MIA (Multimedia Associate, Innovations)

Mia started creating ear savers to help people deal with the annoying mask straps that can be painful after extended wear. As her business continued to grow, she also saw the need for quality reusable masks. She noticed there’s no affordable mask of quality, so she answered the challenge and found a way to produce her own. Now, she’s selling waterproof masks that are of high-quality, follow the standard mask guidelines, and affordable for everyone.

Success Stories of Employees: Healthier Lifestyle

RONNIE (Training & Quality Supervisor, Operations)

When the lockdown happened, Ronnie put on some weight. At his heaviest, he was at 95kg., something that he never really anticipated. He knew that maintaining a healthy weight is essential, that’s why he persisted in exploring ways to be healthier. He worked out, watched his diet, and pursued a balanced lifestyle. Today, he has lost weight, can fit comfortably into his clothes, and enjoy a life with fewer worries. More than anything, he said that he learned the importance of taking care of our well-being amid this long stretch of quarantine.

Success Stories of Employees: New Mom

ANGEL (Officer, Facilities & Administration)

Becoming a new parent during the lockdown may sound like it’s not the most ideal, but for Angel, seeing her child makes her feel like she can conquer the world. As the lockdown happened, she gave birth to her first kid, who brought new meaning to her life. And while the times may be uncertain, having her baby fills every corner of their home with happiness. She learned how to be more courageous and found strength every time she sees her baby, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

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