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As 2019 comes to an end, top BPO company Sykes Asia, Inc. wraps up the year with its famed SYKES Year-End Celebration. Employees relived the experience of their favorite games, from arcade to mobile to video, as SYKES took the annual event up a notch with the theme “Level Up” that celebrates various kinds of games throughout the years.

Characters from different game universes gathered in one venue as SYKES Cebu staged its leg of the gaming-inspired celebration at the Waterfront Hotel Cebu. A night that celebrated its employees, the grand year-end party gave away almost a million worth of competition and raffle prizes, to the delight of more than 3,000 SYKESers in attendance.

“At SYKES, we treat our employees as one of the core foundations of our organization. SYKES Cebu conducts several activities and events focused on the employees all-year round, but our year-end party has always been their most-awaited one. This year, we elevated the hype by picking a theme that most of them can relate to—gaming. This celebration was organized to cater to their interest as it is their deserved break after a year of hustle,” said John Sneed, SYKES Senior Vice President and General Manager.

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SYKES Cebu acknowledges the efforts and loyalty of its employees, honoring them with the SYKES Service Award title. The award was given to employees who have rendered service to the organization for 10 and 15 years. Additionally, SYKES also recognized one of its employees with the highest number of hired referrals for the year, taking home Php 25,000 cash incentive on the night of the event.

Also among the awardees at the event were its 2019 Fit and Fab grand champion. SYKES Cebu holds an annual Fit and Fab program that encourages and helps employees throughout their weight-loss journey and to recognize one employee with the greatest wellness achievement with a reward of Php 50,000 in cash prize. The award is a testament to the organization’s priority for employee health and well-being.

Consequently, SYKES Cebu has won numerous championship trophies at annual competitions including the Cebu Inter-BPO Volleyball Cup (CIBPOVC), the E-League Cebu (Cebu’s premier basketball league), and the Cebu Inter-BPO Sports League. SYKESers who competed throughout all tournaments were also among the awardees of the night. The year had been a fruitful one for SYKES, not only in terms of workforce productivity, but as well as with camaraderie, sportsmanship, and work-life balance.

“We have experienced great triumphs this year, including all the awards won by SYKES which we wouldn’t have achieved if it weren’t for our employees. As we move forward to 2020, SYKES Cebu plans on strengthening and improving our organization-wide activities as our way of giving back to our employees,” said Sneed.

With great pride for their teams, employees dressed up as their favorite gaming characters, all excited to vie for the Head Turner title, an award that recognized the most creative and eye-catching costumes. Among thousands of attendees at the venue, SYKESers Mitch Ngo and Jayne Confessor as Japanese school girls and Che Docto as a popular mobile game hero received the award, along with Php5,000 cash prize each.

To further turn up the heat of the friendly competition that filled the air, employees engaged in its most-awaited dance-off where six groups competed to show off their skills onstage. As the night came to an end, Telco All Stars was crowned the best group of the pack with their performance inspired by a crowd-favorite multiplayer online battle arena. More than pride and bragging rights, the group also went home with a Php 50,000 cash prize.

Truly one of the most memorable nights for the SYKESers in Cebu, also present were celebrity performers Michael Pangilinan and DJ Tom Taus. They amped up the crowd who didn’t let their props and costumes stop them from dancing and partying.

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As we prepare to kick off the new year, let’s take a look at the highlights and relive the fun moments on #SYKESLevelUp Year-End Celebration!