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SYKES Cebu is Recognized as Pioneer and Top IT/BPM Company

For the fourth year in a row, SYKES is recognized as one of Cebu’s Top 10 IT/BPM Companies. SYKES also receives a special award as the pioneer call center in Cebu. The awards are given by the Cebu IT-BPM Organization or CIB.O, the city’s leading IT/BPM organization. SYKES Cebu senior leaders, led by Vice President for Area Operations & Shared Services John Sneed, accept the award during the 4th IT/BPM Recognition Night held at the Capitol Social Hall in Cebu City.

A day before the Recognition Night, Cebu’s top leaders in the IT/BPM industry gathered at the Bai Hotel in Mandaue City for CIB.O’s annual Transformation Summit. Co-presented by SYKES Cebu, this year’s theme of “Embracing New Realities” highlights the need to adopt more artificial intelligence (AI), shift to higher-value services, and drive innovation in the face of digital transformation and the country’s evolving educational system.

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John Sneed takes the stage to discuss SYKES’ venture as the pioneer IT/BPM in Cebu

John Sneed presents SYKES’ innovation journey for the past 15 years. “One of the things that we’ve talked about is SYKES being a pioneer in the industry. We have embarked on embracing [new] realities on a regular basis and we’re going to talk through about that journey today,” he shares. Sneed also joins the panel discussion on whether Cebu’s BPM’s are AI/Complex Services Ready.

John Sneed joins the panel discussion on whether Cebu is ready for IBPM’s AI/Complex Services

In a press conference held prior to the summit, Sneed expresses the importance of SYKES’ participation in the event, “We are proud and honored to be this year’s co-presenter of the Transformation Summit. SYKES embodies and promotes this year’s theme of “Embracing New Realities”. Our company has a history of breaking new grounds and driving innovation and we are very excited with the digital transformation that is happening. This is also our way of showing that, fifteen years later, we are still committed to promoting growth in the IT/BPM sector and bringing business to Cebu.”

Members of SYKES Cebu during the Transformation Summit 2018


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