Practicing HRM & Tourism Courses in the Call Center Industry

By July 6, 2016Careers in SYKES

“Looking for Online Travel Associates”
“Sales account with big incentives”
“Now Hiring: Technical Support Professionals”
“Financial account, get P20,000 Signing Bonus!”

Spending hours browsing through job boards can be tiring. If you’ve been looking around for a while, there is a huge chance that you have already come across some of the BPO companies’ call for applicants. But have you ever thought of actually sending in your resume and applying for these positions? Or did you just scroll past them, trying to find a company or a job opening that’s specific to your industry?
With the misconceptions and stereotypes that are consistently associated with call centers, it is no doubt that many fresh graduates would just look past these postings to find something more “suitable” for their course. But for Khey and Vhal, two of SYKES’ tenured agents from the tourism and hospitality industry, choosing to embrace the life in a call center is a blessing that they would forever be thankful for. They started out as humble agents with SYKES, and after years of hard work, both of them are now team leaders of their respective accounts.
Just like most graduates, Khey admits that she never really planned to work at a call center. However, when she came to a point when she really needed a job, she decided to apply as a customer service representative for SYKES. This decision led to a five-year employment and continuous career growth. From being an agent, Khey was able to climb the career ladder and become a team manager. “Once I got in, it turns out, working in this industry is something that I enjoyed. I enjoyed the company, I enjoyed the account. I enjoyed working in the call center industry,” she admits. She also believes that one of the biggest reasons why she stayed with the company is the fact that she was able to practice the skills that she learned from her previous experiences. “As a tourism graduate, our product is to give a top of the line service. The job that I’m doing right now is definitely related to what I’ve studied,” she shares.
A graduate of BS HRM, Vhal, on the other hand, decided to apply with the company just to know what the industry really has to offer. She decided to give it a shot because she “… heard a lot of good things about SYKES like good incentives and salary” from one of her friends. Aside from receiving the benefits and compensation that she was expecting, she was also able to get a job that she was happy with. She shares that the work was challenging yet satisfying. She feels motivated to know that her work is making a difference to the customers that she assists every day. Aside from the work, she also says that being supported by her colleagues and bosses is something that she appreciates.
Both Khey and Vhal are handling teams for one of SYKES’ travel accounts. They say that the nature of the business that they are handling lets them practice their expertise in the field of hospitality and tourism. “In my field every day, I was required to talk to guests and customers. It’s almost the same with my job at SYKES. The only difference is, I don’t get to see them personally,” Vhal says. They also find their background as one of their strengths on thriving in the industry. “Having the kind of education that’s related to travel, hospitality, and tourism makes it easier for me to give suggestions and relate to what the customers want,” Khey shares. They believe that their knowledge and background helps them on providing better solutions as well as creating a stronger rapport with their customers.
If you’re hesitant on applying in the call center industry, Khey and Vhal strongly agrees that joining the BPO workforce will give you a lot of training and learning that would be helpful for your success, no matter what field you may be in. They also say that it is particularly beneficial for graduates of hospitality and tourism, as the industry lets you refine your skills on customer service, communication, and people support. Call centers are the perfect avenue to expose yourself to the realities of working and it prepares you for bigger responsibilities and challenges.
“One thing that I can say is that they have to try it,” Khey said, challenging fresh graduates to dive into a career in the industry. She also says that “the work is much like being in a hotel or an airline, but with better security, greater benefits, and more time to yourself.”
It’s time to get over with the “what ifs” and try the industry for yourself. There is nothing to lose, but there are many things and experiences that you could gain.


 HRM & Tourism Courses in the Call Center  HRM & Tourism Courses in the Call Center

Convinced to apply? SYKES is calling out fresh graduates for our SYKES Job Hunt for Fresh Graduates on July 23, 2016, at Worldwide Corporate Center, Shaw Boulevard. Just like Khey and Vhal, maybe all you have to do is to take a chance, grab the opportunity, and explore your capabilities on one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

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    Great article! My friend who has done in majors in biotechnology also shifted to the BPO industry. The same case happened with him and his degree in medicine helped the team to assist and even get a major project from the client. BPO jobs can be a bit chaotic at times so we should be ready to embrace the changes. It can be a bit overwhelming at first but gets exciting after we have understood the working.

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