Fit and Fab 2015 Winner Wally de Leon’s Recipe for Weight-loss

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Weight has always been something that proves to be a major concern of many. It is true that we have to love ourselves and be confident in how we look, but being overweight is not just about feeling insecure and inferior. It also triggers other issues like serious health concerns and disruption of one’s overall well-being.

While weight-loss is a difficult and challenging journey, many can still prove that it can be done. With just the right motivation and strong will-power, weight-loss is nothing but just another obstacle in life that can be surpassed and won over.

Last week, we had the chance to sit down with SYKES Fit and Fab 2015 winner, Wally de Leon. He shared with us his secrets, his struggles, and his wins during one of the greatest turning points of his life.

Whally_beforeWally before joining the fit and fab program


Q: So, tell us, Wally, how was your life before Fit and Fab?

Wally: I would definitely say that it was difficult. I was huge and I encountered a lot of challenges. For one, I find it difficult to shop for clothes, as I would usually look at the size rather than the style. I have also experienced discrimination in different places. I once rode a public jeepney and someone looked at me as if saying that I was too big for the seats. It really pains me to experience such things.

Q: During that time, was your lifestyle really sedentary?

Wally: I never workout. My life would usually revolve around work and I would also eat a lot. My usual meals would include at least four cups of rice.

Q: But have you always been overweight?

Wally: When I was in high school, my weight was just right. Back then, I was still a bit active in doing different physical activities. However, when I entered college, I started to gain some extra pounds. It went on until I started working.



Wally lost 60 pounds after the program


Q: What made you decide to join Fit and Fab?

Wally: I joined Fit and Fab because I really wanted to lose weight. I’ve been facing a lot of challenges already, and I wanted to improve my situation by making changes. Winning and getting the trip to Boracay was really just a bonus for me. All I wanted was the motivation to push myself to become a better version of me.

Q: What were the major changes that you went through to achieve the body that you have today?

Wally: One of the major changes in my lifestyle was my eating habits. During the program, I made sure to watch everything that I eat and I did my best to only consume whatever is healthy. I also try my best to skip eating rice or any junk food.

Aside from the food, I also engaged myself in more physical activities. I joined Zumba sessions and boxing classes, although most of the time, I prefer to go for a run. Now, I would usually finish 6 or 7 kilometers at least three or four times a week.


Wally after the program

Q: What was Fit and Fab’s biggest impact to your life?

Wally: Aside from losing weight, I noticed great improvements in my health. When I was still overweight, I was very hypertensive and my usual blood pressure is at 160/120. After the program, my blood pressure went back to normal. I also appreciate that I am no longer out of breath when I climb the stairs. It was really satisfying.

Q: Were you able to adopt habits that you’ve started in the program?

Wally: Eating healthier and working out are two of the most important habits that I adopted because of the program. After I joined Fit and Fab, I started to watch the calorie content of my food and I would make it a point to exercise as often as I can.

Q: With your success on being fit and healthy, what would be your advice to those who are still struggling to lose weight?

Wally: Whenever my friends ask me about my secret, I would tell them that there are only two ingredients that helped me achieve my goal: first is motivation, the second one is self-discipline.

For those who are trying to lose weight, just keep your eyes on the prize and continue to push yourself until you achieve your goals. If you never give up then you’ll definitely succeed.


Check out Wally’s Interview below:


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