Digital Team Building Activities for employees in the BPO Industry

The pandemic has forced companies worldwide to rethink the way they operate. In the interest of safety, most organizations have let their teams work remotely as a temporary solution to the threat of COVID-19. Some, on the other hand, has completely embraced remote work, letting their employees enjoy the benefits even after the pandemic is over.

The concept of remote work has been around for a while, but for most office workers, especially those in the BPO industry, they are only experiencing this for the first time. There are many benefits of being able to work out of office, but at the same time, the challenges to adjust in this new dynamic may come as additional stress for some*. The usual face-to-face interactions and collaboration with colleagues are no longer accessible, as well as the fun events and get together that make their work experience more enjoyable. While we can only do so much in this challenging time, there are still some ways that we can help employees adjust to their new normal. Here are some ideas for digital team building activities to help keep employees engaged even while they are working remotely.

Digital Team Building Activity Idea #1:

Themed Meetings

Make weekly huddles and meetings more enjoyable by having everyone follow a theme and wear wacky costumes. Challenge your team’s creativity by asking them to make the most out of their available clothes, making every get together a little more fun for everyone. Some ideas for themes are musical icons, movies, cartoon characters, and even a specific decade.

Digital Team Building Activity Idea #2:

Quiz Night

Gather your teams and host a monthly quiz night to engage employees outside of work hours. As they say, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Encourage employees to have fun by holding a space where they can be free from thinking about serious things and can be silly and competitive together with their colleagues.

Digital Team Building Activity Idea #3:

Virtual Happy Hour

With the threat of the pandemic, most public spaces are now closed and almost everyone is stuck at home, trying to cope in the best ways that they can. Dedicate an hour or two every other week and host a virtual happy hour where your team can just hang out online. Amid the quarantine, being able to feel a sense of belonging and normalcy is a helpful tool to keep your teams motivated.

Digital Team Building Activity Idea #4:

Interest Clubs

Create niche events for employees through interest clubs! While face-to-face activities are no longer available as of the moment, virtual webinars and events are still helpful to fuel employees’ other passions.

At SYKES, our interest clubs under CHOICES (Manila) and INVOLVE (Cebu) has transitioned from actual events to virtual activities. SYKES Volleyball Club has released a helpful home workout video for fellow volleyball enthusiasts, while SYKES Powergamers will be having an online tournament open to all employees who share the same interest on online games. Other clubs are also coming up with online projects that can help the SYKES community stay engaged even while they stay at home.

While companies may be able to operate outside of their offices, it is also important to keep employees’ wellness in check. These virtual ideas may be simple, but they may just be one of the many tools that can help employees adjust better to the new normal that we live in. If you have additional ideas on how to better engage employees, especially those in the BPO industry, we’d love to hear them! Just leave us a comment below.

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