3 Foolproof Ways to Achieve Career Growth in a Call Center

By July 15, 2016Careers in SYKES

Finishing a degree is, no doubt, one of the best accomplishments that one can ever have. The next challenge is to find a job that can tick off the fresh grad’s ultimate checklist: good salary, great work experience, possible growth, and career stability.

Despite being one of the fastest growing industries in the country, call centers are still looked upon by fresh graduates. There are many misconceptions revolving around the industry, which leads to discouraging them from taking a chance and grabbing an opportunity with any company. But have you ever really given the industry a second look? With its endless stream of opportunities and continuous developments in the country, it is no doubt that call centers can provide you with the things that you are looking for: salary, work experience, growth, and stability. Aside from that, call center jobs also face many challenges every day that would help you improve yourself as an individual, more so, as a professional. These learnings will not only make you better on communications and people skills but will also ultimately help you to achieve your career goals and dreams.

So if you are looking for professional growth, you don’t need to look further! A call center is a great place to start and develop a career, and as long as you have the right motivation and attitude, you will definitely bloom in this industry. Still anxious about what might happen? Don’t be. Here are some tips on how you can achieve growth in this highly competitive and fast growing field.


Keep your eyes on the prize.

We all have to start from somewhere. Despite our burning desire to achieve a certain position, there will be times where we would have to face sacrifices to be able to reach our goals. One of our agents, Aljing, has been working with the company as a technical service representative, with the hopes of applying as a network engineer in the coming months. He is a graduate of Electronics Engineering, and even though his position is not directly related to his course, he never quit his job. He knows his purpose, and he makes sure to focus all his energy to achieve his goal.

If you feel like you’re losing hope, make sure to go back to your reason as to why you chose to become a part of the company. Remind yourself why you chose the path that you’ve taken and put your goals in mind to motivate you. If you work hard and have the right mindset, then success and results will surely follow.


Seize every opportunity to learn.

Just because you are not yet in the position that you’re targeting doesn’t mean that you have to stop hustling to become better at what you do. Growth and improvement don’t come overnight, and you won’t be able to reach your goals if you let yourself slack off. Seize all opportunities to learn at your current job — study the littlest and most mundane things; absorb each lesson from mistakes and challenges that you face. If you want to reach the top, you would definitely need to make sure that you master the things that you’ll be handling in the future.

As a part of Aljing’s preparation to move internally as a network engineer from being an agent, he makes sure that he knows the processes and SOPs by heart. Although he is still on the stage of planning his next steps, he makes sure that he doesn’t take things for granted. “Having this kind of hands-on experience on the operations floor gives me more idea on the things that I would eventually face, should I be lucky enough to get accepted for the position soon,” he shares. He also says that these experiences give him an idea on how to better serve the people once he finally makes the leap toward the position that he’s aiming for.


Don’t be afraid.

The uncertainty of being able to leap from one position to another can sometimes be scary. The goals, the planning, and the chances of not making it can sometimes be overwhelming, but don’t let the challenges stop you. If you know what you want and if you’re willing to achieve it no matter what it takes, then that would be enough motivation for you to let go of the fear and embrace the hurdles that will come in your way. Just believe in yourself and keep on working hard – chin up, you’re on your way to success.



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