Build Healthier Eating Habits this Quarantine

The threat of COVID-19 has given us a chance to take a closer look at our health. More than ever, these days call for extra precautions to not only prevent the spread of the virus but also to keep ourselves healthy in the process.

With the challenges posed by the lockdown, it might be more convenient to open a can of tuna for dinner or grab a cup of noodles for lunch. We may not know how long this pandemic will last, but we’re sure that it would be unhealthy if we pick up eating habits that would be detrimental for our bodies in the long run.

As we continue to adjust to our new normal, it is important to remind ourselves that our actions — whether big or small, good or bad — are blocks that help us build a foundation for habits in the future. It may be challenging to eat healthy right now, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips on how you could slowly develop eating habits that you can be proud of even after the quarantine.

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As much as possible, include fruits and vegetables in your meals
For your next grocery run, ensure that you have fresh produce on your list. It might be tempting to just buy your usual bacon, but these foods are so much healthier than processed items and can help you boost your immune system.

Not a fan of veggies? Incorporate them to your stews or come up with creative recipes. As for fruits, you can easily swap them for desserts and snacks in between meals. You can also try making salads and smoothies just to change things up.

Stay hydrated
Water is crucial in maintaining our body systems, as it helps carry nutrients to our cells, flush out bacteria, and prevent constipation. While we know that it’s healthy, most of us still tend to forget drinking enough water, substituting it with sweet drinks or soda.

If you find it hard to monitor how much you’re drinking, it would be helpful to keep a water bottle by your side so you won’t forget to drink. You can also set a reminder or download apps to help you better watch your water intake.

Build up on healthy snacks
We live in a stressful time and we understand that eating comfort food helps appease emotions. However, having too many of your favorite chips or cookies might not be the best way to keep yourself well. Instead, find a balance between indulging and watching over your health. Opt for easy to grab healthy snacks like nuts, raisins, or fruits for your daily munchies and schedule eating your favorite chips or candies on special days instead.

Limit highly processed foods
Processed foods are convenient and tasty, but it’s not the most helpful for your body. Ready-to-eat meals, canned goods, and snacks often have high saturated fat, sugars, and salt. When shopping for groceries, limit these items from your basket and choose healthier alternatives. Take out sugary drinks from your grocery list as well– just hydrate at home with water.

Swap dried or canned alternatives when fresh produce is not available
Instead of buying your favorite meatloaf, swap your usual canned goods to dried or canned alternatives for fresh produce. You have a variety of options at the supermarket like canned beans or chickpeas, rolled oats, dried lentils, canned tomatoes, and corn. While they tend to contain lower quantities of vitamins compared to fresh produce, they’re still a great option if you need something in your pantry that would last for a while.

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