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Grooming the Next Generation of Filipino Athletes, One School at a Time

SYKES Choices’ Table Tennis Club advocates for sports and healthy lifestyle through outreach program

To help aspiring Filipino athletes pursue their passion in table tennis, SYKES Choices’ Table Tennis Club went to Salawag National High School in Cavite and Quinaoayanan Elementary School in Pangasinan on August 15 and 18 to personally hand over the table tennis equipment, vitamins and supplements that they gathered through a donation drive dubbed as the “Adopt-A-Table” project.

“We realized that table tennis is one of the least prioritized sports in our country. Some players use substandard equipment or sometimes they don’t have anything to use at all,“ Ginicka Gubatan, Head of the Table Tennis Club, shares what inspired them to do the project.

The high school players from Salawag National High School couldn’t hide their excitement about the donations. With the new equipment they can now practice every day and have better chances of winning at inter-school competitions. Meanwhile, the young athletes of Quinaoayanan are looking forward to improving their performance, especially now that they have standardized rubbers and balls. Prior to receiving the donations, Quinaoayanan Elementary School students had to travel to a nearby subdivision and make do with old and poorly-kept equipment just to practice.

“This makes our hearts full, especially when we saw one of the children got teary-eyed as we handed him his new racket,” Ginicka reflects on the experience. “For me, being able to reach out to people through the sports that we love is one of the best things about being part of the Table Tennis Club and SYKES Choices.

SYKES Choices is the umbrella organization for various company-funded interest groups in SYKES. SYKES Choices promotes work-life balance, holistic development and camaraderie among SYKES employees. To know more about SYKES Choices and its upcoming activities, email sykeschoices@sykes.com.