5 Helpful Tips on Starting a Career in a Call Center

By July 8, 2016Careers in SYKES

Are you a fresh grad who’s interested in exploring a career in the BPO industry? Do you still have hesitations and reservations because you are not sure what’s in it for you? We’ve interviewed JP and Ted, two of our employees who took the job at SYKES right after they’ve graduated and asked them to share their experiences and learning as they ventured into the world of the call center industry. Here are some valuable tips that might be helpful when you decide to start a career in the call center.

TIP #1: Be open to learning new things.

During his first few days, JP admits feeling dumbfounded, never really knowing what to expect from his first work. “I was overwhelmed because I really don’t know what a call center job entails,” he says. He graduated with a degree in nursing and the transition was quite challenging for him. As he went through his training, he shares that the rigid training helped him a lot to get the hang of the position. He says that he appreciates the continuous support coming from his team at SYKES. He also says that it had helped him make the most out of his job. Today, he is now handling his account’s escalations.

Just like JP, most fresh graduates have no idea on how the call center business works. There are no courses or subjects that could actually prepare you to face the real world, and the only way to understand the industry is to actually be a part of it. Keeping an open mind and widening your horizon would help you to learn more and would be helpful for you to excel in the field.


TIP #2: Be open to changes and stay flexible.

Whatever job you take, it is inevitable for you to take over responsibilities that might be outside the scope of your work. When this happens, don’t be afraid to be flexible and go out of the box. Changes are an integral part of learning, and being exposed to these challenges will give you a bigger opportunity to grow as an individual and as an employee.

“Being in a call center is not just being an agent. If you’re going to think about it, it’s a whole different profession. Within an instant, you get to be a bank teller, a front desk officer, and a lot more through the phone,” Ted shares. He started out as an agent for a travel account, and his experiences made him realize that being able to go through different responsibilities helped him to move forward to his career. Today, he is one of the accounts’ team managers.


TIP #3: Don’t be afraid to ask.

If there is one thing that the call center industry is best known for, it is definitely the strong camaraderie between the employees and their teams within the company. In SYKES, we uphold a unique culture of support, making sure that our employees are appreciated and guided throughout their stay with the company.

According to Ted, the kind of support that he gets from his team has been very helpful as he made his way around the industry. He describes his experience with SYKES as fun and laid back. “Being with my team feels like having a second family,” he shares.

Coming fresh from the university is challenging at times, but you don’t have to go through it all by yourself. Your colleagues, superiors, and trainers are there to help you figure out the industry. Just be inquisitive and don’t hold back your questions.


TIP #4: Use your educational background as an edge to succeed in your career.

When he entered SYKES, JP was assigned to become a part of the company’s health care account. Although his job was no longer the same to what he was initially trained for at school, he says that he still finds his education as one of his biggest strengths to excel on his job. He says that his background in medicine helped him understand his customers, as well as relate to how they feel.

Contrary to what most people believe, the call center industry has a lot of opportunities for professionals with different backgrounds. With an array of businesses and accounts that are looking for reliable customer service representatives, having a strong credential and experience in the field would definitely help in taking your career to the next level. Call center is also a fast paced industry, and having an educational edge would be a great support for you to achieve promotion and find faster career growth.


TIP #5: Don’t let the fear eat you alive – try it out first before saying no.

For both Ted and JP, the call center industry is something that’s different from what you’d usually hear from other people. “Once I got in,  my perspective drastically changed,” JP shares. Just because you currently have existing prejudice on the industry doesn’t mean it’s not worth the try.

As Ted has eloquently pointed out, “being in a call center is having a whole new profession”. “Fresh grads really need to try it first before holding on their judgment,” he says. Indeed, being in a call center might be something that you might not have expected, but the industry promises so much growth and learning that it’s something worth exploring. Although most people have no idea what the job would entail, sometimes you just have to give it a shot before backing out. Be brave and grab opportunities — you’ll never know if you’ll end up like Ted and JP whose careers bloomed as they worked their way around the call center industry.

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Convinced to give it a try? Print out your resumes and come to SYKES’ Job Hunt for Fresh Grads! Happening this July 23, 2016, 9AM-6PM at SYKES Shaw Recruitment Hub (WorldWide Corporate Center, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City). There’s nothing to lose by giving it a shot. See you there!

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