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OneTAKE Live: Work. Learn. Teach. @ Home

With John Kruper

John Kruper
Vice President & Chief Learning Officer

John Kruper began his career with Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated when the company acquired Alpine Access in 2012. In his role as SYKES’ Chief Learning Officer, John leads the training and development for over 50,000 worldwide employees at SYKES, creating a blended learner-led environment that is social, collaborative and engaging, while incorporating adult learning methodologies to foster top talent growth.

John’s previous experience and education show his passion for studying and building environments that enable people to connect and learn. The son of an electrical engineer and a teacher, his upbringing emphasized the importance of combining education and science, leading John to a doctorate and post-doctorate in science education. After teaching courses at the University of Chicago and Allegheny College, John moved into the private sector, working for the Cardean Learning Group as Chief Learning Scientist to develop some of the most progressive online business and general education courses of the time.

In 2007, he joined Alpine Access and built their 100 percent virtual online recruiting and training solutions. After helping the company achieve significant growth in five years, Alpine Access was acquired by SYKES in 2012, where John was promoted to Chief Learning Officer. Harnessing the opportunity to apply emerging technologies to education, John has helped train thousands of employees all over the world, leading to greater efficiency and efficacy in all kinds of businesses.

John is active in supporting local community education initiatives. In 2017, he joined the Board of Directors of Tutoring Chicago, a private, nonprofit organization that provides free weekly tutoring to 600+ economically disadvantaged students in grades 1 through 6 with the help of more than 650 dedicated volunteers.