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OneTAKE Live: True Digital Transformation

With Phil Gold

Phil Gold
Linkedin Learning Author
Klarecom LLC

Phil Gold is a long-time communications and learning professional focused on the development and implementation of training and communication programs for companies of all sizes — from startups to global Fortune 500 corporations. He’s experienced in strategic planning, with proven abilities as a team leader working with cross-functional and global teams of employees, stakeholders and vendors. Phil is adept at distilling and conveying complicated technical concepts into plain language for non-specialist audiences in person or online.

He’s also the author of almost 20 courses on LinkedIn Learning, the world's largest online learning platform. His most popular courses are “Business Collaboration in the Modern Workplace” and “Managing Virtual Teams,” topics that are extremely relevant in today’s rapidly changing world.

Phil is a strong advocate for the employee and believes in using employee voices to aid in the creation of solutions to fit their needs. With his strong communication skills, he is uniquely able to help employees tell their stories in a way that helps them strengthen buy-in and overall engagement.

EP31 June 17, 2020