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The Birth of RPA

With Pat Geary

Pat Geary
Chief Evangelist
Blue Prism

Pat Geary is the chief evangelist at Blue Prism and has over 30 years of international marketing experience across a range of large multinational and startup software and hardware businesses. Pat was CMO at Searchspace, the world’s first enterprise AI platform, launched the world’s first 64-bit computer at DEC, and also launched the world’s first global internet TV platform at LiveStation. Pat joined Blue Prism in 2008 as chief marketing officer when it was a small startup, and he invented the term robotic process automation (RPA) in 2012, which has now become a global IT software category of which Blue Prism is the market leader. Pat is a member of the Advisory Board of the CMO Council, a winner of CMO of the Year 2016, a member of the NOA “A list” 2016, and he holds an honors degree in computer science.