EP 18OneTAKE Live: System Dynamics and the Modeling of Pandemics
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OneTAKE Live: System Dynamics and the Modeling of Pandemics

With Tom Fiddaman

Tom Fiddaman
Chief Technology Officer
Ventana Systems

Tom Fiddaman joined Ventana in 1997 and has 20 years of experience in dynamic modeling. He has applied models to management and public policy issues, including the economic implications of global climate change, strategic electricity sector models for testing pollution reduction strategies, and natural gas supply and demand. Tom's business consulting includes models of next-generation technologies and international consumer markets. For a multi-national consumer packaged goods company, he optimized pricing and advertising allocation. For IBM, he examined the future of B2B networks and the thresholds required to make them succeed. His dissertation research, with continuing development, has analyzed energy-economy interactions and their implications for climate policy. Recently, he has made model-based comparisons of low-carbon technologies and compared carbon taxes and permits. For DOE-NETL, he developed a strategic, top-down multipollutant model of the electric power sector in China. At RIVM and MIT in the ’90s, he worked on simulation games for climate policy and collaborated on models that became the precursors of Integrated Assessment model components in use today.