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OneTAKE Live: The Power of Learning From Your Customers

With Michelle Buretta

Michelle Buretta
Senior Manager of CX Analytics & Customer Improvements

Michelle Buretta is an experienced leader in business who has spent the past several years combining her expertise in both sociology and psychology with her passion for creating intuitive, consumer-centric customer experiences (CX). Currently, she is the senior manager of CX Analytics, Customer Improvements, and Worldwide Customer Experience with the Data Center Group for Lenovo.

Starting out in academia with the goal of one day becoming a physician, Michelle joined the U.S. National Guard in 2001 before being placed on active duty during both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. After her service, she worked as a lecturer and advisor for North Carolina State University, studying many of the same factors that she applies to customer experiences today.

Ultimately deciding against a Ph.D., Michelle soon pivoted into the private sector, where she has been immensely successful applying her educational background in business. After spending several years with Genworth Mortgage Insurance, leading and informing their HFA customer experience strategy, Michelle has since moved on to Lenovo, now heading up their global CX team and working to implement new, data-driven strategies for customers.

Beyond her impressive work in CX, Michelle has been a fitness instructor for many years as well as a successful lecturer and teacher. She has a Master of Science in Sociology as well as a Master of Education from North Carolina State University. Michelle currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.

EP48 December 4, 2020