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OneTAKE Live: Introducing CareerTALKS

With Orlando Haynes

Orlando Haynes
Recruiting Manager, Talent Acquisitions, Host of Career Talks

Orlando Haynes is a native of New York City and a proud veteran, having served in the U.S. Navy and Army National Guard from 1992 to 2000. During his tenure in the military, Orlando had the honor of traveling the world. Some notable destinations were Africa, Australia, Dubai, and Singapore. Being exposed to several international cultures was an eye-opening experience for a young African American male from the streets of Harlem.

After receiving two honorable discharges, Orlando began his professional career in sales for three years before turning his attention to recruiting. In 2003, he joined the team at the Staffing Agency in Manhattan, New York. Orlando has worked within an array of professional disciplines, including administrative, engineering, finance and accounting, medical, and nonprofit. He has been able to provide this expertise in New York, Las Vegas, and now Tampa, Florida.

With a career spanning more than 15 years in corporate America, including corporate and agency recruiting, Orlando has a unique and well-rounded perspective on how recruiters think and what hiring managers look for. He has held several leadership roles throughout his career, from account manager and branch manager to U.S. recruiting manager. Most recently, Orlando was a senior team lead for a leading Fortune 100 company.

Orlando is passionate about taking individuals from “the job seeker” to “the sought after” and has helped guide, coach, and develop over a thousand jobseekers toward interview success. He provides real insight and information from the eyes of an active recruiter using several platforms. Orlando is a published author and speaker for all things career development. He continues to charge ahead one speech, one podcast, one post, and one book at a time to educate and equip jobseekers to help them achieve their career goals.

Beyond developing jobseekers, Orlando is most proud of his wife, his faith, and his five daughters.