EP 23OneTAKE Live: Giving Work & Creating Impact with Mark Sears
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OneTAKE Live: Giving Work & Creating Impact with Mark Sears

With Mark Sears

Mark Sears
Founder & CEO

Founder and CEO at CloudFactory, Mark is a global leader in combining people and technology to provide a cloud workforce solution for data labeling. CloudFactory’s managed teams have experience with 150+ AI projects and can process data for machine learning and core business functions with high accuracy using virtually any tool, even the ones you build. As an impact sourcing service provider (ISSP), CloudFactory creates economic and leadership opportunities for talented people in developing nations. Trusted by 140+ companies, CloudFactory annotates data for 11 of the world's top autonomous vehicle companies, and processes millions of tasks a day for innovators including Microsoft, Drive.ai, Ibotta, and nuTonomy. CloudFactory is on four continents, with offices in the U.K., U.S., Nepal and Kenya.

Mark has long had a passion for technology, business and making a difference in the world around him. In 2008, he and his wife went to Nepal for a two-week vacation and ended up staying for six years. From training three young Nepali developers around one iMac, they have grown into 300+ full-time staff and 5000+ part-time cloud workers on 4 continents. Their innovation drives the vision of connecting one million people in the developing world to online work. More than just connecting people to work CloudFactory works to develop leaders worth following — men and women of high character and high competency who serve their communities.

EP23 April 24, 2020