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OneTAKE Live: From IoT to Cool Energy

With Robert Poor

Robert Poor
Chairman & Founder
Cool Energy World

Robert Poor has been involved in technology for most of his life. His early experiences include working as an audio engineer for the Grateful Dead, building laser film printers for George Lucas and as an evangelist for Steve Jobs’ NeXT computers. He specializes in identifying emerging trends and understanding their implications.

After completing his doctorate at MIT in 2001, he co-founded the Ember Corporation to help kickstart the nascent market for the "Internet of Things.” With Ember, Robert produced ZigBee chips, which were embedded into millions of products and subsequently acquired by Silicon Labs.

Since that time, Robert has continued his work on embedded systems, but more recently, he has been focusing on accelerating the adoption of renewable "cool energy,” that is, electricity produced via solar, wind or hydro power.

Currently, Robert is the chairman and founder of Cool Energy World, a community of technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers who are fomenting the world’s transformation to “cool” (non-thermal) energy, and serves on the board of VIE technologies.

EP30 June 16, 2020