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OneTAKE Live: Customer Experience

With Colin Shaw

Colin Shaw
CEO & Founder
Beyond Philosophy LLC

Colin Shaw has been recognized by LinkedIn as one of the “World's Top 150 Business Influencers.” He’s the Founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy LLC, a company that helps organizations grow by identifying hidden, unmet needs, and his company was selected by The Financial Times as one of the UK’s Leading Management Consultants of 2019. Additionally, Colin has been voted as one of the “Top 50 Marketing Thought-leaders Over 50” two years in a row and named one of the top “Customer Service Gurus” in the world by Global Guru. He has written seven bestselling books on customer-driven growth and is also the co-host of the highly successful Intuitive Customer podcast.

Colin's company, Beyond Philosophy LLC, helps organizations unlock growth by discovering customers' hidden, unmet needs that drive value. They capitalize on their mission by improving your customer experience to meet hidden customer needs thereby retaining and acquiring new customers across the market.

An accomplished keynote conference speaker, Shaw inspires organizations to focus on their customers. His followers can subscribe to his newsletter “Why We buy” on LinkedIn and hear his weekly podcast, The Intuitive Customer on his website beyondphilosophy.com and major podcast platforms.

EP27 June 4, 2020