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OneTAKE Live: Culture, Customers, COVID-19, and the Cloud

With Laurent Pierre Jr.

Laurent Pierre Jr.
General Manager
Microsoft Azure CXP

As the general manager for Azure CXP support delivery for the U.S. government, Laurent Pierre Jr. leads engineering support for Microsoft Azure customers, and that includes deploying and managing customers’ mission-critical workloads, driving rapid resolution to reported issues, and increasing operational efficiencies across shared Microsoft global support systems and teams. He is a passionate champion for customer experience (CX) management activities division-wide and provides strategy, governance, and business process integration using data collection, customer feedback/sentiment analysis (CSAT, NPS, and UVoC), and AI-powered CX.

Prior to joining Microsoft, Laurent spent 14 years at IBM leading various teams that focused on delivering world-class support to Fortune Global 500 customers while driving customer experience initiatives using Salesforce, Medallia, and IBM Watson AI. He also led a global team of client experience managers who optimized user and customer experiences, and successfully protected $2.4B in software account revenue.

Laurent has a Bachelor of Business Administration from Howard University and dual MBAs in Financial Management/Management from Southeastern University.

He currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida with his wife and five children.

EP40 August 31, 2020