EP 42OneTAKE Live: Crafting Customer Experiences With Geriel Thornburg May
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OneTAKE Live: Crafting Customer Experiences With Geriel Thornburg May

With Geriel Thornburg May

Geriel Thornburg May
Worldwide Director of Customer Experience

Geriel Thornburg May is a seasoned customer experience (CX) executive with cross-industry experience in delivering revenue-driven, customer-focused initiatives. Currently, Thornburg May is worldwide director of CX for Lenovo, a global technology giant serving 180 markets with B2B and B2C tech solutions. Her teams focus on building and managing global CX KPIs and customer insights and improving the customer experience across all products and geographies.

In a previous role, Thornburg May built the customer experience function for Genworth Financial, an insurance holding company. Her responsibilities included segment P&L, strategic segmentation and marketing, customer research, customer technologies, and overall CX.

Thornburg May has also served as the Lean lead for Fidelity Investments’ global IT transformation, as an advisor to GE banking and mortgage industry clients, and as a project manager for Accenture and Duke University. In addition to consulting experience, Thornburg May has taught several university-level courses in the U.S. and abroad and served as a trustee of a small college for a decade.

Every day, Thornburg May finds motivation and drive in creating measurable results. She takes pride in mentoring and honing her teams’ talents into career paths that offer personal fulfillment and business results. At work, she loves change management, innovation, and studying human behavior.

Geriel lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with her husband, 16-year-old daughter, and much-adored pets. She loves her family, animals, reading, being outside, and in-depth conversations. She has lifelong interests in chiropractic, communication, and kindness.