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OneTAKE Live: Brand Management in Times of Crisis

With Sarah Grace McCandless

Sarah Grace McCandless
Vice President, Customer Engagement & Brand Advocacy
Clearlink, a SYKES Company

Sarah Grace is a creative strategist with extensive digital chops. She carries over a decade of expertise in architecting global, integrated CX solutions and campaigns that serve the intersection of marketing and customer service. These initiatives are crafted to resonate and inspire action, be it through engagement, purchase, loyalty, advocacy, or ideally, all of the above.

Sarah Grace is also the author of two fiction novels, both published by Simon & Schuster, and has contributed essays, short fiction, and feature articles for several anthologies and media sites. She has served as an instructor for Mediabistro and Gotham Writers, and participated in several storytelling series including Mortified and Back Fence PDX.

Born in Chicago, Sarah Grace was raised in the suburbs of Detroit, spent time in DC and NYC, but now (once again) calls beautiful Portland, Oregon home, where she is the proud dog mom of her rescue pup, Gilda Radner.