EP 35OneTAKE Live: Altitude, AI and Entrepreneurship
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OneTAKE Live: Altitude, AI and Entrepreneurship

With Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson
AI Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor

Andrew is an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience in the software and artificial intelligence (AI) industry, creating and building tech companies from startup to exit.

He is considered a pioneer in the commercial application of AI as well as the early development of application services that we now know as software as a service (SaaS).

Andrew's career began in the British Army, where he served for seven years in the Parachute Regiment. After a short period in farming and personal protection, he joined the software industry in sales and marketing at a large tech company.

He founded RedRock Software in 1993 and, through acquisitions and organic growth, built one of Europe’s best-known brands in communications and messaging software. He steered the company through IPO and public listing, selling the business in 2002 to SaaS pioneer NetStore, where he led product development.

Within two years, he had bought back the company and, with further acquisitions, created the AI company Celaton Limited, which developed the inSTREAM platform to streamline the handling of unstructured human-generated content.

Now, life is busier than ever for Andrew. While he considers his next venture, he is helping other founders achieve their ambitions. Andrew works as a mentor to military veterans while developing an advisory and non-executive career with commercial organizations and private equity.

EP35 July 7, 2020