Ian Barkin talks emerging technology, digitization, the future of work and more.

OneTAKE Live: Introducing CareerTALKS

With Orlando Haynes
July 30, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Altitude, AI and Entrepreneurship

With Andrew Anderson
July 7, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Digital Transformation Learning Path

With Charlene Li
July 1, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Where AI = Actual Impact

With Wendy Gonzalez
June 24, 2020

OneTAKE Live: The Adaptation Advantage

With Heather McGowan
June 23, 2020

OneTAKE Live: True Digital Transformation

With Phil Gold
June 17, 2020

OneTAKE Live: From IoT to Cool Energy

With Robert Poor
June 16, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Deciphering Digital Transformation

With Peter A. High
June 10, 2020

OneTAKE Live: The Future of Work

With Gary A. Bolles
June 5, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Customer Experience

With Colin Shaw
June 4, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Selling & Storytelling With Mark Bozek

With Mark Bozek
May 27, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Training & Enabling Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

With Dr. Rebecca White
May 19, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Sourcing, Automation and Blockchain

With Dr. Mary Lacity
May 6, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Giving Work & Creating Impact with Mark Sears

With Mark Sears
April 24, 2020

OneTAKE Live: The Brave and Imperative World of CX

With Mark Hillary
April 23, 2020

OneTAKE Live: The Outsourcing Industry Gets Back in the Saddle

With Phil Fersht
April 17, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Profit and Purpose — How Social Value is Good Business

With Alex Edmans
April 15, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Work. Learn. Teach. @ Home

With John Kruper
April 7, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Brand Management in Times of Crisis

With Sarah Grace McCandless
April 13, 2020

OneTAKE Live: System Dynamics and the Modeling of Pandemics

With Tom Fiddaman
April 4, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Charitable Giving in the Time of COVID-19

With Stephen Rockwell
April 2, 2020

OneTAKE Live: The Role of Digital Video in Modern Storytelling

With Christina Skillman
April 1, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Telehealth

With AJ Hanna
March 31, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Parenting in the Age of COVID-19

With James Shaw
March 30, 2020

OneTAKE Live: The Story of Work

With Guy Kirkwood
March 27, 2020

OneTAKE Live : The Old Future of Work, In the New World of Work  

With David Brain
March 26, 2020

OneTAKE Live: Work At Home

With Jim Farnsworth
March 25, 2020

OneTAKE: How to Power Prosperity Around the World

With Bala Venkataramanan
March 12, 2020

OneTAKE: How to Be the Seller Modern Buyers Need

With Bernie Borges
February 12, 2020

OneTAKE: How to Make RPA More Attainable for Businesses

With Oded Karev
December 5, 2019

OneTAKE Special Edition: #RightPartner

With Cooper Johnson
November 25, 2019

OneTAKE: Using Change Management to Lead Transformation

With Tim Creasey & Russ Katzman
October 28, 2019

OneTAKE: The Future of Work for Women

With Dr. Mary Key
September 23, 2019

OneTAKE: Evolution of RPA

With Bryan Bergin
August 7, 2019

RPA Hype & the Happiest Place on Earth

With A.J. Hanna
August 7, 2019

The Birth of RPA

With Pat Geary
August 5, 2019

Introducing: OneTAKE

With Ian Barkin
August 5, 2019

Meet Ian

Ian Barkin, SYKES’ Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, is an innovator and a transformational leader. Prior to this role, he co-founded Symphony Ventures — a consulting, implementation and managed services firm specializing in intelligent automation (IA) and robotic process automation (RPA) — which was acquired by SYKES in 2018. Always at the forefront of innovation, Ian was among the first to focus on trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), supply chain BPO and user experience design. He earned undergraduate degrees from the London School of Economics and Political Science and Middlebury College, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.


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