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EP 2Taking a Customer First Approach to Holiday 2020
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Taking a Customer First Approach to Holiday 2020

With Sean Ryan

Sean Ryan
VP, Digital Strategy
The Informed Engagement Network

Sean Ryan is an award-winning brand strategist, digital disruptor, and journalist. He has led social and digital content strategy teams at Fortune 500 retailers like Target and JCPenney. Throughout his career, Sean has focused on the ever-changing digital landscape, trying to find ways to enhance the experiential with the virtual — something more important now than ever with the impact of the global pandemic.

Currently, Sean serves as VP of Digital Strategy for The Informed Engagement Network, an agency in Minneapolis whose clients include the largest cable companies, insurers, and tech companies in the world. He has forged strong partnerships with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others to maximize their marketing impact. His ability to bring a narrative to his marketing campaigns stems from his background in TV news as a reporter, and he’s has won multiple awards for his storytelling.