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EP 12Setting Your Brand Apart Through Purpose With Prometheus
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Setting Your Brand Apart Through Purpose With Prometheus

With Oscar Ayala

With Savannah Van Voorhis

Oscar Ayala
Senior Director of Learning & Development
Prometheus Apartments

Oscar Ayala has more than 25 years of expertise in multiple levels of the property management industry, from leasing and management to marketing, sales, and training. First and foremost, Oscar focuses on providing an exceptional customer experience to his internal and external customers. Some of his work passions include team collaboration, learning impacts, and financial bottom-line contributions that his L&D team brings to Prometheus.

Originally from Texas, Oscar relocated with his company to San Francisco in 2011. When not “geeking out” over his love for Prometheus and training, he is “box breathing” in the Redwoods or tearing up over an amazing dish of gnocchi. Oh, and don’t even get him started talking about his Boston terrier, Larry!

Savannah Van Voorhis
Senior Manager of Brand Experience & Neighbor Insights
Prometheus Apartments

Savannah Van Voorhis’ passion for CX launched 20 years ago in the hospitality industry. She has been with Prometheus for 14 years, and no matter the role or department, both brand and customer are always at the forefront. As senior manager of Brand Experience and Neighbor Insights, she oversees a vast array of programs — reputation management, survey platform, sales contact center, philanthropic efforts, events, partnerships, swag, lease-up strategy, and CRM design and implementation, along with regional marketing promotions. Savannah has a sharp focus for taking a disruptor approach to the industry, coloring outside of the lines, and always keeping the bottom line top of mind. Her expansive knowledge of connecting with neighbors, flexing to meet people where they are in the journey, and curating memorable experiences provide her with the landscape to impact the overall user experience.

She is Texas born, Louisiana raised, and California made. When Savannah is not plugged into Prometheus, she is busy getting whiplash from chasing a spicy toddler, a crawling 9-month-old, and 12-year-old pup, all while trying not to spill a single drop of chardonnay.