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EP 7Creating True Value Through Purpose-Driven Leadership
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Creating True Value Through Purpose-Driven Leadership

With Mory Fontanez

Mory Fontanez
Founder & CEO
822 Group

Mory Fontanez is a purpose coach and the founder and CEO of 822 Group. After noticing a widespread sense of frustration and lack of passion among colleagues and clients in the corporate world, Mory founded 822 Group as a transformation consultancy. At 822, she works with clients to reconnect them to their higher purpose and thereby reveal the boundless opportunity they’ve been seeking.

The daughter of Iranian immigrants, Mory spent her childhood in New Mexico and Colorado before relocating to Maryland. She climbed the corporate ladder of various companies to become a managing director of Strategy at a global PR firm. As a woman of color in a white and male-dominated corporate world, she leaned into her differences, seeing them as her superpower rather than an obstacle. This instilled a strong sense of loyalty and respect from her co-workers and employees, which greatly influences Mory's coaching methodology to this day. 

Mory has shared her life-changing expertise with a variety of clients throughout the financial, technology, retail, fashion, and consumer sectors. She currently lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland, with her fiancé and two children. In her free time, she enjoys meditating, cycling, and the outdoors. Mory also offers online training courses through LinkedIn Learning.