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EP 218Crafting a Customer-Centric Brand With Ryan Turner
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Crafting a Customer-Centric Brand With Ryan Turner

With Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner
Global Marketing Leader
Formerly Starbucks & Amazon; Startup CMO

Ryan Turner leads Jove’s Product and Marketing teams, guiding strategy for its software products and how the company communicates about them. His 25-year career in marketing and communications started unpromisingly in, of all things, poetry writing.

As a 20-something holder of two master’s degrees whose only work experience was guiding whitewater rafting trips and, literally, washing dishes, and having been turned down for a gig delivering pizza in Seattle, he lucked into a writing job at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where he worked in the Libraries program helping address the digital divide in low-income communities across the U.S. and Canada.  

After five years in philanthropy, he spent a decade in digital agencies within WPP and Publicis before joining Starbucks, where he built from scratch a world-class social media operation before taking on broader scope as Vice President of Digital Marketing.

Most recently, Ryan worked at Amazon, where he led a team of creatives, media planners and data scientists running experimentation programs in digital media. Plan B was always to be a bike messenger, and that’s not off the table as a future retirement gig: “Just gotta get some tattoos.”