Episode 14:The Elements & Impact of Positive Brand Experiences

February 22, 2021 / With Dan Gingiss / 31:28

“The thing that we’ve got to take a step back and remember is: Without customers, we don’t have a business. You can’t look at the customer as the problem, or as an annoyance. The customer is why we’re in business….

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Episode 13:The State of CX: What Now, What Next

February 15, 2021 / With Dan Gingiss / 29:07

“We have to focus on our customers. And the mistake that so many companies have been making is they pour all this money into marketing and sales and they forget about the customers that are actually keeping the lights on.”…

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Episode 12:Setting Your Brand Apart Through Purpose With Prometheus

February 8, 2021 / With Oscar Ayala and Savannah Van Voorhis / 36:18

“I don’t just work for a company, I work for a company that cares. I work for a company that really cares about not just about the Neighborhoods that we manage, but the neighborhoods beyond our Neighborhoods.”  – Oscar Ayala,…

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Episode 11:Innovating Communication to Create Connection With Slack

January 29, 2021 / With Julie Liegl / 33:07

“Our expectations of how we connect with each other outside of work has completely changed, and I think that there’s an expectation now that people want that same sort of seamless, fun, and easy way of doing things that they…

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Episode 10:Building Loyalty Via Social Engagement With Alaska Airlines

January 25, 2021 / With Michael Roy / 33:49

“How many times do guests have a one-on-one experience with a large brand? It’s very rare, so we take this as our opportunity to allow those one-on-one connections to be formed, and we believe this is what will create loyalty…

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Episode 09:Developing Connections Through Brand Storytelling

January 18, 2021 / With Melissa Grego / 37:00

“(Stories are) how we understand the world and our experience — and how we learn in a lot of ways — I think we can all agree that there’s vast opportunity to learn more, better, and in different ways.” –…

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Episode 08:How Behavioral Data Can Unlock Hidden Opportunities

January 11, 2021 / With Reggie Wideman / 32:22

“One day, I’m a purchaser — I just want to buy my thing — the next day, I could be looking at things, worried about, ‘should I be spending this money, because I might lose my job’ — I’m a…

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Episode 7:Creating True Value Through Purpose-Driven Leadership

January 4, 2021 / With Mory Fontanez / 32:14

“You cannot resist what is authentic. You cannot resist what is purposeful. And as a customer, you want that — you want a piece of that in your life to give you a little bit of that feeling. And that is a new kind…

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Episode 6:The Origins of Brand Advocacy With Legendary Comics

December 28, 2020 / With Jann Jones / 32:57

“We want to have an authentic communication with these fans. We have been these fans. We are these fans. For me, it’s about growing up and not seeing my face represented in what media was and having this opportunity to…

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Episode 5:Crafting Brand Communities & Fostering Meaningful Engagement

December 21, 2020 / With Carrie Melissa Jones / 33:42

“Empty engagement is just engagement for engagement’s sake. And unfortunately, we have come to associate engagement with attention, and they are not the same thing. At least not when we’re building community. Just because you have someone’s eyeballs doesn’t mean you are meaningfully…

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