At SYKES we embrace new challenges and opportunities for success. Ours is a culture that believes a new journey begins with every accomplishment. It prepares us for what’s ahead, and ensures that we always keep moving forward. This adventuresome spirit, backed by our industry knowledge and service focus, will guide us towards another 40 years of rising to the top.

President & CEO

Chuck Sykes

Executive Vice President & CFO

John Chapman

EVP & GM, Virtual Operations, ETC

Jim Farnsworth

Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

James T. Holder

EVP & Chief Strategy Officer

Kelly Morgan

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Jenna R. Nelson

Executive Vice President & CIO

David L. Pearson

EVP & GM, North America & EMEA

Lawrence Zingale

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Eileen Canady

Senior Vice President Global Region, EMEA

Victoria Georgalakis

Senior Vice President of Regional Operations

Mike Henderson

Chief Learning Officer

John Kruper

Senior Vice President of Global Operations

Lynn Loefgren

Senior Vice President, Information Technology and Security

Christopher Rogers

Senior Vice President Central & Northern Europe Region, EMEA

Christian Schaffer

Senior Vice President of Regional Operations SYKES Latin America

Flora Solera

Senior Vice President, Strategic Client and Operations Management, Financial Services, Healthcare and Insurance

Darren E. Swanson

“In a rapidly changing industry, the desire to help others remains core to our company’s DNA. Whether it’s building brand loyalty for our clients or strengthening existing customer relationships through care and focus—there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being able to make a difference. And our people stand ready to help every day.”

– Chuck Sykes, President and Chief Executive Officer